4 November 2015
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Performance matters both in the real life as well as in virtual life. But in the hustle and bustle of life, we often become clueless as what to do to keep the momentum up. All that we are focused about the ends not the means. When we purchase a new PC or device, we take every precaution that the machine is connected well, and is performing well. We perform regular dusting and cleaning, we go from cover to cover of the user-manual provided by the vendor to avoid any mess, but all are ephemerals. Slowly as the euphoria fades with time, we tend to forget our responsibilities, even the basic ones. This doesn’t happen voluntarily, but yes, the consequences of apathy has to be borne by users alone. Gradually, our casual approach start vitiating the performance of the operating system, application software, Internet and other configured services. The machine becomes slower, the Internet starts making nuisances, applications tend to freeze, errors and notifications become a regular affair and so on.

Shall we bow down to the performance issues? Obviously not. We have to fight back because we are not born to be regimented by them. Windows is a reliable operating system, and in every successive version, we will find more effective PC repair and maintenance tools for PC optimization. Don’t know how to access or use them? Don’t worry, today we have K9 PC Optimizer, a reliable PC optimization software that brings all important tools like disc clean up, disk defragmenter, registry cleaner, program uninstaller, and many more at one place. Yes, they are just a click away. How to optimize Windows for better performance? Find tips on making the best use of your PC optimization software.

First, it’s imperative that you cross-check the compatibility of this PC optimization software to match your Windows version, though it is, and install it properly. Once that is   done, restart your system. This PC optimization software makes you acquaint with the status of your machine in the first go. It will notify you about the consumption level of different resources like CPU, RAM, hard disk, virtual memory and so on. Even you can have a glimpse of how much share every app or service is getting out of them. This will help you identify and check apps and services that you really don’t need at the particular moment, and thereby save system resources for essential apps and services. There are two prominent features to help with that. First is Startup Manager. With this you can manage apps and services that swing to action automatically whenever you start your machine. And the next is Program Uninstaller. This will help you to uninstall programs that are no longer in need. Thus, strategically improve the performance of your Windows.

Next step would be to clear temporary files, broken registry values, software or file residues, corrupted driver, etc. that get accumulated slowly with the passage of time. Use Disk Clean Up tool for that. Registry Cleaner is another important weapon at your disposal in the arsenal that you can use to fix the most critical problem that can ever happen with any Windows-based PC. Interestingly, registry cleaning revitalizes every component of the operating system and application software. It also helps in fixing conflicts among different user profiles available on your system.

Now, run Disk Defragmenter tool to organize your hard disk better. This will eventually improve your ease-of-access towards apps and services. It will also create more space for essential programs, documents, music, videos, photos, etc. Last but not least, update your operating system, drivers and applications.

Hopefully these minimal efforts will help you derive the best from your machine. Be the master of technology with the right PC optimization software. Need consultation or support? Feel free to get in touch with Techvedic anytime.

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