24 July 2015
Optimize Windows
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Let’s take a look at the computer’s anatomy. Its constituents, though make little sense for the end-user, are instrumental in making the system work. BIOS, motherboard, hard disk, operating system, and drivers to name a few, often interact and share data in the format with which most of the users are absolutely alien. However, it’s must that these constituents work in harmony with each other to let the user make most of the installed software products. However, with aging, i.e. the prolonged use of the computer, the gradual wear and tear comes into picture resulting into hard disk clutter and memory congestion due to creation of temporary files, cookies, broken registry entries, and more. And with this, slow computing or gaming, computer freezing, unresponsive programs and files, slow booting, and many other obvious symptoms become a common affair. To help consumers fix these problems Techvedic is here with TunePRO360, a reliable PC optimization software.

The PC optimization software promises two immediate benefits – more space and more speed –besides the long-term benefit i.e. stable and secure computing. It helps the users to get optimum performance from their operating system, application software, Internet and Internet-based services, and connected peripherals. Wondering about peripherals and Internet? You should not, because both use the memory resources of the computer to deliver their performances.

The PC optimizer pro software, where pro means professional, brings a quick, easy and effective computer repair and troubleshooting solution. You can know the status of your existing machine, take note of the health and contribution of individual constituents of your PC and find all effective PC repair and maintenance tools that you need at one platform. You can find disk cleanup, uninstaller, defragmenter, duplicate file finder, registry cleaner and many more tools that are vital for improving the health of any computer. Skeptic about the performance of the PC optimizer pro software on account of its FREE availability? Do away with this myth, Techvedic’s software has shown spectacular result on computers running with Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. It reduced the boot timing by 50 per cent, increased hard disk space by 65 GB (on a 1 TB hard disk), Internet speed by 25 per cent and gaming performance by 40 per cent. Keeping in mind the various cases of slow computer that Techvedic addresses via its tech support platform, i.e. EasyTechy, we estimated that the software can reduce the annual PC maintenance cost by 40 per cent for the average PC user.

For the best result, Techvedic recommends you to uninstall any previous PC optimization software, if any, and then go with the fresh installation of TunePRO360. This will help you avoid any potential software conflicts that might surface. Don’t have the time to perform optimization every now and then? Don’t worry, schedule the software to work as per your convenience. For more information on the product, or technical support needs, call us or write to us as per the contact information available with our Contact Us page.

Hope, it would serve the purpose and help you make most of the technology.

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