27 February 2015
Tech Support
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Reverse the clock to the 19th century. Enter a computer-free world. No Internet and Wi-Fi. No WhatsApp and Facebook. Won’t it simplify the world? Because diary making and letter writing practices would be devoid of the present day digital stereotypes – no record found, system freezing and hard-disk not accessible, Internet failure, page can’t be displayed or 404 errors. Likewise, non-computerised traffic control system, business and government operations would also get relieved of these unpleasant melodrama.  Indeed, life would be free from all such puzzling aspects. The retrospection sounds good, but will not serve the purpose because every aspect of our life whether we are at home, office or on-the-move, explicitly or implicitly, intentionally or intentionally, using the digital technology to make our ends meet and accomplish our mission and vision. In this regard, unequivocally, the discipline online tech support is making a huge contribution to let people have hassle-free technology experience, no matter where they are and what they do.
From onboarding to existing consumers – all are taking refuge of online tech support. And with a bid to stay true to their expectations, vendors are not letting any stone unturned. They are offering a range of services starting from setup and installation, to diagnostic and repair, to protection and optimization, and luckily end-users can get all these from the convenience of their homes or offices over their preferred channels, viz. phone, email, remote-screen sharing or chat. With the diversification of the technology, especially its transition from the Information Technology (IT) to Information and Communication Technology (ICT), these vendors are too expanding their scope of tech support. Whatever you name, from PC to Mac, from phone to tablet from TV to home theater to gaming console, consumers can get support for all.
Not only the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and software developers or publishers, but third-party tech support vendors have also joined the bandwagon.Formers are offering free technical support as well, though it’s mostly limited to the product or service warranty period. Though third-party vendors charge for their services, there is a certain benefit with them as they are not constrained by the maker of the technology. Yes, they tend to work as an all-in-one support desk; means, consumers don’t need to knock different doors to seek remedy for their PCs, printers, phones, TVs, home theaters and software.
However, consumers must assess the reliability of the vendors before going with their support services as in the past we experienced many frauds linked with online tech support.

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