20 August 2014
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Going after the stats presented by the e-Marketers, it has come to notice that business-to-consumer ecommerce sales are going to increase by 20.1 percent in the following year. If this comes true, the ecommerce market will reach $1.500 trillion figure encouraging the business owners to look for more online business opportunities. Apparently, major brands following this enduring trend will surely push the nationalized retailers into the international zone for taking in high revenues.

Surprisingly, Asia-Pacific consumers are expected to give B2C ecommerce sales worth $525.2 billion, and it will leave behind the ones in North America with an approximate difference of $42.6 billion. The scenario won’t change in the coming years and the popularity of e-services will remain prominent by 2017.

China will be seen taking 6 on 10 dollars invested on the Asia-Pacific ecommerce in 2014 and approximately 3/ 4th of the regional spending in 2017. If we go by stats, the country e-services market has reached to be 2nd largest after the United States, but the constant growth is showing that it will not hold the same position in coming years.

In fact, in the early months of 2016, China’s ecommerce purchases will surely overtake that of the United States. As a result, huge business gains of Indonesia, China and India would definitely push the growth. Meanwhile, other countries including Italy, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Russia and Brazil will also depend on the e-services and boost ecommerce growth.

It is very clear that increasing numbers of the online buyers is directly proportional to the rapidly growing population of the region. By the end of 2014, Asia-Pacific would claim 46 percent digital buyers; however, users will account only 16.9% of region’s population. Moreover, predictions say that the penetration is going to be low in the Eastern and Central Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. As of now, Western Europe and North America are the only regions where many residents make important and non-important purchases via digital channels.

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