14 July 2015
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Sales and marketing, lead generation and conversion. If you think that your job ends with this, then this survey is a wake-up call. You can’t take the Generation Y customers for granted anymore. In terms of awareness regarding their rights and responsibilities they are much ahead of their predecessors, thanks to the Information Technology. Surprisingly, most of them are peace loving people, they don’t complain even when they are not satisfied with a particular product or service. Simply they quit your network or say goodbye when a favorable alternative comes across their way. Remember, only 4 percent of dissatisfied customers return back to lodge their grievances.

Hence, think beyond customer acquisition and revenue generation. Hear patiently to customers and deliver what they want. Improve their experience, and you will find things taking shape as per your expectation.

If you own an OEM, software development company, or are offering cloud-based services, Techvedic Pro Technology Support is meant for you. It is an attempt to help business partners to improve Customer-Experience (CX) and let them have a better foothold in the competitive market. Leverage our years of technical support acumen and help your customers to derive the best performance from your tech products or services.

Scope of Technical Support Services

•          Set up and installation

•          Update and upgrade

•          Diagnosis and repair

•          Security and optimization

•          Backup and recovery

How we do? First, we analyze – We listen to your customer attentively and collect as much information as we can regarding the technology problems or his/her needs. Examining the factors and system’s behavior, we zero in on the exact issue and corresponding action plan. Second, we support – Based on the cause or need, we enforce the right technical support plan to streamline technology product as per his/her satisfaction. We may choose system’s in-built or third-party diagnostic and repair tools in the process to get the desired result. And third, we confirm – Post-technical support, we perform a test to make sure that the system is working as per his/her expectation.  Later, we confirm to him/her about the previous and existing condition of the system through a Confirmatory Email.

Improve the Customer Experience Index, if you really want to do business with a difference. This would have three positive impacts on the brand value. First, the satisfied customers can be repeat customers. Second, they work as brand ambassadors – spreading the goodness of your business through word-of-mouth, thereby helping you get more customers with no marketing expense. Third, diligent tech support service reduces the unessential warranty claims that erode the revenue. Remember, saving money is also earning money.


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