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Techvedic covers every business industry from Information Technology to high-tech and from telecom to media & advertising. Our services and solutions are explicitly customized to match the needs of individual business entity. We build technology services and solutions, deploy and configure them as per the business’s needs and convenience, and train their people to let them make the most of the investment.
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IT: A Supporting Hand To Hi-Tech Sector

Technology has been demanded at every sphere and if your business is involved in high tech segment, you are in continuous requirement of upgradation

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Services We Offer

• Pro Technology Support                                     • Technology Consulting                              • Sales Automation
• Customer Relationship Management               • Enterprise Resource Planning                 • Application Development
• Application Management                                    • Web Application Development               • Mobile Technology
• Ecommerce                                                            • Cloud                                                           • Microsoft
• Oracle
• Business Process Outsourcing
• Application Outsourcing
• Card Processing Services
• Chargeback Management
• Advertising & Marketing Services
• Analytics
• Social
• Hotel Cloud Telephony Service                   • Education Cloud Telephony Service                • Healthcare Cloud Telephony Service
• B2B Cloud Telephony Service                     • B2C Cloud Telephony Service                           • Finance and Bank Cloud Telephony Service
• Hospitality Cloud Telephony Service         • Call Center Cloud Telephony Service
• CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Training     • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Training        • Application Management Training
• Mobile Technology Training                                                • Ecommerce Management Training                         • Cloud Services’ Training
• Microsoft Products/Services’ Training                               • Oracle Products/Services’ Training                          • Business Process Management Training
• Card Processing Services’ Training                                     • Chargeback Management Training

Business Benefits

  • Improved business resource utilization
  • Improved workforce and operational efficiency
  • mproved business management
  • Effective decision making
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved ROI
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