29 August 2014
technical support
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Since its inception in 2009, Techvedic has been on a mission to simplify Information and Communication Technology for home users and business enterprises. XpertCrew members, at Techvedic, have really worked hard to bring those dreams to reality, and today, Techvedic stands proud with more than 75,000 clients across the world. Initially, Techvedic Inc. started serving clients with reliable technical assistance, and later expanded its business services to meet communication and data backup & recovery needs. Let’s take a quick at business expansion and service transformation at Techvedic Technologies.

A.      Reaching Consumers Doorstep
Digital technology has reached in every sphere of life, even where it was least expected. To strengthen the everywhere technology idea, Techvedic technical support portfolio entertains home technology consumers with their end-to-end needs to have better computing, gaming and entertainment experiences. With the extended tech support delivery modules and best-in-class services, the company has been successful in addressing technology requirements of the worldwide clients. Not just the service delivery, but the company is open to customer feedback. This initiative urge Techvedic to come up with “Ask to Community” portal where clients can share their technology experience & seek for expert’s recommendations.

B.      Raising Alarms
As a Number Line has positive and negative numbers both, the technology innovations have filled our lives with the good and the bad, as well. With the growing dependence on Internet, most of the people with bad intentions create strategies to cause harm to the online users, and this is where Techvedic helps technology enthusiasts to escape Internet scams with right information. Through “Scams & Alerts” section, the company experts suggest technology users to stay smart against all possible Internet threats and have error-free web experience.

C.      Empowering Consumers
“Do-it-Yourself” is the best approach to resolve technical errors, this is what Techvedic believes in! Following the same concept, EasyTechy – powered by Techvedic Inc. – provides easy-to-follow instructions based on “How To” modules to escape from unexpected technical errors. These online guides can be helpful in setup, diagnose, configure and troubleshoot hardware/ software technology products. In this way, every technology user can enjoy sustainable maintenance of their products without spending heavy price.

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