19 February 2013
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Internet- A Blessing or a Curse for Children


Internet is a mesmerizing world of audio and visuals. Whether you need information on any topic, or are just surfing the web for fun, Google is at your service always. Therefore, almost everyone is persuading towards this medium.

Ever thought how addicted your kids are with the Internet? Here comes a substantial fact. Joan Ganz Cooney Center claims two-thirds of 8 year old children are addicted towards Internet and go online every day.  With the advancement in technology, life style of people is also changing. Now, they can perform various tasks without stepping out from their home. From reading the newspaper, booking online ticket and watching online movies to accomplishing their homework, they know well. Easy and affordable Internet accessibility at cafes, homes, schools and businesses have changed the media consumption habit. Particularly talking about children, Internet has been proving both informative and harmful. Here, let’s have a look on both sides of the coin.

Positive aspects of Internet on Children

 “Knowledge is Power”, thus everyone wants to give their children the best environment in upbringing. In terms of education, you can find various education related sites that can help your child to gain knowledge. Information related to Travel, art, music, politics, entertainment and many more is available over it. If your kids are eager to know something new then there are several sites which can help them in this regard. With its attractive visuals, it let your children learn so many new things related to their subjects in an intriguing manner. Is your child interested in boosting his/her knowledge? Then, latest information regarding the whole world is just one click away. If the children are getting bored and don’t want to go out then go for adventurous games over Internet.

Negative aspects of Internet on Children

While accessing the Internet, you can’t stay untouched with its drawbacks. Thus, it is important to go through its negative points also. Nowadays, Internet is also serving unhealthy cuisine for culture. The students of college or schools are getting influenced by this medium in a wrong manner. For example, they visit some adult sites and came across those things which are not adequate for their age. Actually, they are not learning informative things from it but they are just getting fascinated towards its enigmatic persona. It is distressing that Internet is promoting vulgarity and in a way also declining our family values. Children are making accounts on various social networking sites, and consequently get indulged in wrong company. They are not mature enough to deal with such problems. Here comes the role of parents, educators and policy makers.


You need to make your children learn that each and everything coming over Internet is not useful. Parents should teach their children that which sites are beneficial for them and which are not. Kids like to share everything with their friends. Therefore, it is advisable to parents to become a friend of their kids. If you maintain friendly atmosphere then the children will not feel scared or shy while sharing their thoughts with you. Try to divert the mind of child to other activities like reading story books, playing outdoor games, etc. The most perfect solution is to pay attention on what they are watching over Internet and try to sit along with them when they are using Internet. Your child is your responsibility. So, be aware of them completely. Parental guidance is very necessary for each and every child. They are in the growing up phase and thus, you need to tell them the difference between right and wrong.

Undoubtedly, Internet is a magic lamp with a genie; however, you should know well to differentiate between its deliverables, which can be good or bad.

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  1. Shaun says:

    I’m flabbergasted as to why somebody is writing about education when they obviously need to learn to write properly themselves. Most of the blog posts on this website are really difficult to understand because the written English is incorrect, both grammatically and contextually. This blog is bad enough, but the Techvedic website content is appallingly written – it’s really difficult to understand any of what is being said because incorrect words are being used (usually several in every sentence). This content has obviously been copied from another website and then words changed with the use of a Thesaurus by somebody who doesn’t really speak English – this means that none of the content is understandable in any way, shape or form.

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