29 May 2013
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iPhone 6- Sooner Going to Set the Floor of Technology Market


Get ready iPhone lovers as Apple is soon going to announce the release of iPhone 5S/6. After the tremendous success of iPhone 5, Apple is upgrading its technology to mesmerize its user-base. As iPhone 5 was little easier to scratch, thus we are expecting something better with iPhone 6. Market is already very heated up with the entry of Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z and HTC one. Therefore, Apple iPhone 6 should be very high-tech to beat rivals. To make you little aware of iPhone 6, Techvedic Blog has come up with the current issue.

It is still under big question that next iPhone will be iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. As per the history, after every iPhone the half-step S model came in the market. Hence, we can expect this time also the same. Probably, there would be three size variants of new iPhone- iPhone 6 Mini, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 XL. It is also the hot topic that whether we will be able to see iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 both in this year or not. Hopefully, in the middle part of the year iPhone 5S will be in the market and by the end of the year or early in next year iPhone 6 will arrive.

Some most probable features which are supposed to be in iPhone 6 are:

  • bullet-blackNFC: Apple is going to integrate NFC for advancing its Passbook App to store cards, tickets and coupons.
  • bullet-blackiOS 7: iOS 7 will be very exciting as well as attractive for all. Rumors said the interface is without any gloss and shine.
  • bullet-blackMore storage: After 128 GB iPad, now iPhone 6 is also coming up with 128 GB of storage.
  • bullet-blackExtra-clarity: With Retina+ Sharp IGZO display, the screen of iPhone 6 will bear 1080p Full HD resolution.
  • bullet-blackMore power: Quad-core A7 is expected to make everything lightning-fast.
  • bullet-blackUnmatched camera: 13-megapixel sensor camera
  • bullet-blackMotion tech: Also, eye-tracking tech is the hot issue after the entry of Galaxy S4. Thus, iPhone 6 will launch some kind of motion     tech soon.
  • bullet-blackWireless charging: Smart charging option.


Well, for sure Apple’s new entry in iPhone market is going to boost the enthusiasm of iPhone lovers. Wait and watch what exactly will come for you in this iPhone 6.

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