21 June 2013
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Feel the rhythm of your favorite track with iTunes Radio. Amazed?? Well, you don’t need to be. Apple is the top vendor in the market and the fact has been proved repeatedly with innovation. Surf the world of music with best collection of songs from your favorite stations. This is what iTunes Radio is all about. Whether it is iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV, exploring stations of your choice is not a big task. Get quick insights with Techvedic blog.

Along with the access to featured stations, you can listen to more than 200 genre-focused stations which include everything from Hard Rock to Doo Wop. It means more you listen, more customized it becomes. It is very easy to create and customize stations as per your choice. By just picking any artist, song, or genre, you can experience the best-of-breed service. Thus, listening favorite songs and getting a station built around it, sounds really interesting. While listening music, you can make several adjustments by tapping Play More, Like This or Never Play. For adding and deleting stations, just go to Edit Stations. From here you can also select artists, songs, and genres you want to hear.

The choice of music changes according to your mood and Siri is ready to transmit that accordingly. Just grasping your mood, Siri plays songs accordingly. For this, you only have to tell Siri “Play more like this”. Also, you can add songs to your Wish list so as to download it later. If you love to stay updated with the latest songs then iTunes radio proffers more. It has the access to those songs also which are exclusive. Now, hear the track of any upcoming release by discovering it in iTunes radio.

It generally happens that you listen something, want to download it later but forgets. Here is the solution now. Whatever you are listening, you can add it to your Wish List. And, later download it by tapping “Buy”. This instantly downloads the song from iTunes. Also, with iTunes in the Cloud you can access your History or Wish List across all Apple devices.

iTunes Radio can be heard without the interruption of ads by subscribing iTunes Match. Without any syncing, you can pick up your station on another device. Hence, listen more and make your iTunes Radio more personalized.

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