23 October 2015
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From Formula 1 driving to computing and gaming—the passion for speed can be witnessed everywhere. Last month, over 590 users searched online for the term “PC optimization”. If we put, its synonymous phrases like PC tune up, PC optimization software, how to speed up my PC and others in the search volume, the count will reach 2000 somewhere.

PC performance has remained a top concern in 2014, across all age groups, when it came to buying a new PC. From original equipment manufacturers to the likes of Dell, Apple and HP, to name a few, to software publishers, particularly the developers of operating systems like Microsoft and Apple, we can witness a race amidst all to takeover others by offering the best devices or software. If you have been using Windows for a long time, you might have come across tools like disk defragmenter, disk cleanup, Microsoft Fix It, Task Manager, Windows Update, etc. If you have the slightest interest in computer troubleshooting, you might have found the tools getting better with times.

Despite investing in best devices and software, expecting guarantee would be an insane ask in the modern era. Also, we can’t expect consumers to upgrade their devices every now and then. Practically impossible, isn’t it? Keeping this in mind, Techvedic, has introduced K9 PC Optimizer, a software equipped with all essential PC repair, PC diagnostic and computer troubleshooting tools, including those that were trusted by the Richmond-based company, and many more to help consumer overcome computer problems on their own.

Over the years, we have seen many players overcrowding the PC optimization space. Free and paid software versions, basic and advanced, and simple and premium… you might have heard of their marketing gimmicks to allure users. Usually, the former variants are packed with basic features while the latter ones with some advanced features as the names echo. The formers are usually available for limited period, usually 30-days or in some cases even fewer. Next what? As expected, users are asked to make payment and grab the advanced one to get better performance. Unlike all, Techvedic, has kept its policy simple. It makes no distinction whether the user is having the trial version or the paid one, at least in terms of functionalities and efficiency. Just what differs, is the validity period. The former or the trial version is available for 30 days while the paid one remains valid for 365 days or a complete year from the date of subscription.

Have query regarding this PC optimization tool? If yes, write to us at Our phone helpline is 1-855-772-3233 (Toll Free). Serving you will be a pleasure for us.

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