2 July 2013
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Let Cell Phones Become Your Friend Not Enemy


Highly-progressive technology era brings something innovative, attractive and useful every time. These contain both positive and negative points. Here is Techvedic to highlight the development.

Well, it is none other than everyday use of enhanced mobile phones. Mobile phones are the biggest craze of today’s generation. In fact, you can’t just say youths but almost the entire world is joining the race of becoming cell phone lover. This craze is increasing day by day. But, excess of anything is wrong, and cell phones are not an exception. In the last decade, the use of mobile phones witnessed tremendous increase. Approximately, more than one billion users are using cell phones globally. Resulting into increase in the quantum of electromagnetic radiation.

Going through the study, cases of brain cancer have been increased in last decade due to the introduction of these mobile phones to a great extent. Also, brain tumors are common at the same spot where people keep their phone while talking. This implies that long term use of cell phones may cause brain cancer or brain tumor.

Beware of Cell Phones

Cell phones emit radiation when in use. Although the level of this radiation is quite low yet, it has adverse effects on health. Furthermore, danger of inattentiveness while using phone is much more prominent. Using cell phones without being conscious of the surroundings is very risky. While using cell phones your inattentive behavior towards surroundings may lead to an accident. Thus, make sure to avoid cell phones while driving. This will save you and other people’s lives. Also, by using hands-free set you may use your hands but without the coordination with mind, that too would be inappropriate.

However, everything is not that much negative. According to the study of the Denmark, there is no solid proof that high use of phones causes brain diseases. Furthermore, cell phone companies are striving hard to reduce the exposure to radiation while using phones. And, with the rapid advancement in technology this exposure will be totally eliminated. But, precaution is better than cure. Hence, try to use mobile phones less and avoid them while driving or walking on roads.

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