25 June 2013
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“Caught your dad with Whatsapp?” Well, this could be really surprising for anyone. But, in the era where wearable devices are coming on one hand and apps are helping to quit smoking on the other, anything is possible. Unlike past, when smartphones were marked as the status symbol for youngsters only, things have changed now. Let your dad flaunt the new and flashy smartphones now. Today, everyone wants to use high-tech gadgets available in the market. The present Techvedic blogs focuses on the same change.

Nowadays, dads are too concerned of the fashion quotient. And, gadget is one of the important accessories to add style and elegance to their personality. Further, growing involvement of technologies at the professional front, provoke them to get their hands on with smartphone, tablet and other evolving gadgets. As a successful businessman, one needs to have smartphone for managing their all day stuff. This stuff not only contains professional documents but also includes communication and entertainment tools – Whatsapp and Facebook are a few to name. Therefore, smartphone is the optimum gadget for everyone with its superb functionality blending communication, entertainment, productivity, and more.

Obviously, they would not be as much comfortable with technology as you, who have grown with technology. Hence, it’s the time to give technology-parenting tips to your parents. You can become the right teacher for your father helping them to explore smartphone features. Simultaneously, it would also help you discover new things about the latest tech updates. Well, if you are thinking to gift your dad something useful then wide ranges of smartphones are available in the market. Blackberry is an awesome gadget for professional use. After using it for a while, your dad will definitely love the technology inside it. You can also consider the latest entrants from Apple, HTC and Samsung, which are getting embellished with simple user-interface. Let him try to use it once and very soon he will love going with it.

This is how technology is advancing and nudging users to become habitual of it more and more.

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