25 June 2013
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LG Plans to Launch Flexible Phone Display Soon…


Enjoy unbreakable mobile screen device!! Are you wondering that how it is possible?? Well, tech world is always at the verge of innovation and, thus it keeps proffering us something new and exciting all the time. And, this time it is unbreakable flexible screens, and the credit goes to LG, the South Korean based technology giant.

Realizing the fact that bendy screens will be the next landmark in tech world, LG is planning to launch its first flexible display smartphone. Before the end of 2013, this smartphone is expected to enter the market. Also, from 2014 onwards it will start making displays for other mobile manufacturers. Flexible displays are not a unique thing, it was experimented earlier also, but its manufacturing suffered a setback. But, LG claims that the problem which restricted the screens from being mass-produced has been solved by it.

The advantage of flexible displays over traditional mobile device screens is the former is of unbreakable nature. Furthermore, the displays don’t need to be flat and level in order to work properly. This also opens up new design opportunities like elliptical or cylindrical touchscreen phone instead of rectangular. Going to another advantage is its weight. This screen is lighter and thinner than other existing high-resolution screens.

Moreover, it is claimed by LG that their displays are OLED (organic light emitting diode) based. Thus, back-lit would lose its charm for a good cause – enhanced battery life; besides the architecture would be able to support ultra-high definition images. Needless to say, that the brand is determined to make its way into the bastion of Apple which touted its Retina Display for an age. And Samsung would also be facing the heat. To recall, Samsung’s AMOLED HD screens steered the market by raising the display quality bar. With tremendous benefits of flexible screen, LG is sure that other manufacturers will soon get into the wagon.

Although LG has completed the flexible display yet, the arrival of first flexible, foldable phones and tablets may suffer a delay. The development of flexible, foldable power cells is a very difficult task and it is still in the research and developmental stage. Thus, wait a bit for exploring these flexible screen devices.

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