17 June 2013
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Make Gmail Inbox Clutter-free


Stay connected wherever you are with Google’s legacy email service, i.e. Gmail. Whether you are accessing the Internet via laptop or mobile, Gmail is the fast email service to interact with ease and simplicity. By easily grouping conversations, it makes your email organised and uncluttered. Techvedic is here to unveil innovative features of Gmail.

Its revamped design is coming with a new feature also. This new feature involves the categorisation of incoming mails as per the relevant categories. Therefore, your messages remain organized now as this new feature of Gmail sorts out them conveniently. The new look of Gmail has different appearance on desktop as well as on mobile. Now, the entire inbox is organised in a form of tabs. The Primary tab will contain emails from your friends, family and colleagues. In the forums tab, you get the emails from online discussion groups. Other than this, notifications from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn will go into a separate tab.

Well, as per the report, inbox organisation is optional and you can choose that which categories you want to use out of five. Customization of tabs as per your needs make your inbox more organised. Users waiting for this update will get this in coming weeks. Also, you can perform this task manually by using the settings tab in Gmail. This is another attempt of Google to revamp its email service after the introductions of Priority Inbox feature.

These new innovations offered from Google as part of the Gmail also includes new Google Wallet service. Most probably, this attempt is taken by Google to hold its position during the Microsoft’s Outlook Launch. Already, apps like Sparrow and Mailbox are giving tough competition to Gmail. Before this revamp, Google has also done another trial by launching its priority box to manage inbox clutter. Till October, Gmail was the most popular email service with 288 million users in the world, but now the position seems really vulnerable with the onset of redesigned and Yahoo Mail.

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