28 June 2013
Growing With Tech
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You all are aware of the fact that online world is very risky. But, the area which suffers serious threat is none other than social networking site. These social networking sites are very fascinating where people of almost all age groups visit. Techvedic spotlight explores more.

Some of the most surfed sites are Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Providing opportunity to interact on the Internet, these sites also allow users to form their communities, make online friends as well as discuss things of their interest. But, along with benefits it also brings risk. Hence, you need to be careful while sharing your information on profiles.

Below are some tips for using social networking sites safely:

  1. Personal messages: Sharing your personal information on a social networking site is not at all safe. For example, in Facebook the information which you have shared is displayed on the wall. Thus, it is visible to everyone, which is not right from security point of view.
  2. Sharing contact details: Never post your contact details on the Internet. If you are doing so then it would be open invitation for intruders. In case, you are going for a vacation and posting details on the net then this provides the chance to burglars to visit your house in your absence.
  3. What you feel about your workplace and employers: Never talk anything wrong about your workplace or your seniors on a social networking site. This can create bad relations with other colleagues as well as seniors. Also, you can lose your job as some organizations take things discussed on such sites seriously.
  4. Inter-linked sites: Becoming a part of Facebook and LinkedIn simultaneously is also not safe. If you share something on Facebook then it is possible to access that information from LinkedIn also. Therefore, posting something contradictory on both these sites can affect your job as well as your employee status.
  5. Password: This is the most important information which should be kept as confidential as possible. Keep your passwords and password retrieval questions secure. If your password is taken by another person then it can be misused.


Well, these are some beneficial tips which you should keep in mind while socializing and interacting with your friends.

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