30 October 2014
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Over past decades, the implementation and success rate of the CRM system has remained gloomy. Getting into a deal to introduce a customer relationship management system to your organization, and regretting later finding its high failure rate (approximately 46 percent) reflects immaturity in decision making.

Those who had actually used this software said that it did not live up to the user expectations at all. Moreover, there have been updates on the same from some reliable sources; Gartner in 2001, showed a failure rate of CRM systems to 50%, which was later reviewed by Forrester in 2009 to 47% – it is again not something one can feel good about.

Well, though the percentage has improved a little bit, yet it is not very hopeful. To be optimistic, getting to the root cause of the failures and coming back with perfect planning can surely help in reducing the failures.

  • Reduced Focus

The CRM strategy & the application software is a unique combination for meeting strategic objectives and tactical goals. For substantial success story, the professionals must make efforts to focus on CRM to align company’s necessities. Besides, the implementation of a CRM system, the enterprise professionals should invest more time thinking wise ways to use it. Know your business goals and prioritize them to have a clear view of important elements. Yet, a clear idea should be achieved to accomplish targeted goals.

  • Absence of Commitment

For a successful CRM system strategy, it is essential to have buy-in from the potential stakeholders. In fact, sales staff and top management is the most engaging face of the company. They definitely need to work enthusiastically, stay committed on board and develop better understand for the customer relationship managements software.

  • CRM Is All You Have

Customer management is not a mere technology, but a collective effort that bring on sales and let a business win trust of its potential customers. Apparent, the company needs to work hard and give benefits to the clients using this CRM software. Concentrate on the software and deal with its successful implementations.

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