17 June 2013
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Manage Eating Habits with Smartphone App


Nowadays, almost for everything an app is there. Smartphones are the commonly used gadget for everyone. Do you know the genuine life-style disease plaguing the society? It is none other than Obesity. Following bulky diet charts and going to gym is a very hectic job. But, the most difficult task is to remember what to eat and what not. The current issue of Techvedic blog focuses on the same.

Simple to handle, this smartphone app allows you to click images of meals which makes you aware about your eating habits. Obesity is the very common problem and therefore, doctors developed this app to promote the food memory of people. With this app, they easily come to know that what they have already eaten. After this, the app encourages them to not eat any high-calorie food further. Obviously, this works as a reminder for them to beware of calorie-rich food.

The working of this app takes place in three parts. Firstly, you need to take the picture of food that you are eating. Then after finishing your meal you look at the app for answering questions like whether you finished it all or your tummy is full now. All this information is required for further processing. In the last part of the app, before eating further meals you look at the pictures which you have clicked during the entire day, as well as this app reminds you about the food which you have already eaten by sending a text message.

A survey was performed to observe the popularity of the app. For four weeks, twelve overweight people of both sexes were monitored. And, it was observed that they accessed the app more than five times a day as well as recorded 2.7 incidents of their eating and drinking aspects. In fact, the volunteers were able to lose 1.5 kilos weight on average during the study. According to Eric Robinson, University of Liverpool investigator, this approach will be fruitful as it is raising awareness regarding eating habits and weight loss.

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