Techvedic’s Technology Services and Solutions help media and advertising partners to derive the most from the disruptive technologies, including the digital media, while maintaining the current revenue streams through the already established streams. Our offerings match the B2B and B2C marketing contexts and keep our partners competent in today’s multi-channel media and advertising space. We stay inclined towards increasing their operational efficiency, planning and effectiveness.

How We Do

By providing domain consulting and business analysis services, we help our media and advertising partners to invest meticulously and proceed in the right direction. Our solutions, powered by business intelligence (BI) capabilities, help them precisely estimate marketing investment, ROI and effectiveness. This in turn plays a pivotal role in customizing the marketing campaign and making it profitable.

List of Media & Advertising Services

  • Media advertising solution
  • Broadcasting and cable solution
  • Entertainment (Film, music and gaming) solution
  • Publishing solution

Note: Services are often blended to provide more agility to the business’ efficiency

Media & Advertising

In the UK, the total investment on advertisements,as of now,is to the tune of £15.7 billion, and of the every £2 that an advertiser or marketer spends, £1 is spend on digital media alone.

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