6 October 2014
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After 140 years of Graham Bell’s masterpiece invention that got him unprecedented name and fame, we have shown it the exit gate alleging that it’s inefficient, costly and cumbersome in meeting today’s business communication needs. Going by emotion, it’s a sad thing, but, remember in the world of technology change is the only constant. Indeed, we have good reasons, as in the form of cloud telephony today, we have got an absolute alternative or replacement which is dynamic, agile and cost-efficient.

What are the potential challenges that a business face today? Perhaps, the root lies in the explosion of the communication technology itself. The landscape of customer contact has changed with the arrival of innovative technology devices like tablets and smartphones. Communication technologies have transformed their lifestyles and they are expecting everything at their calls or clicks. Moreover, in the competitive marketplace, customers don’t need to reach out to a business, as the sequence has reversed at all.

In what sense cloud telephony adds values to a business?  A brief introduction of the business communication services offered by Techvedic makes it clear. The foremost thing that touches us is the capability of the cloud system to transcend the territorial boundary without raising the cost of technology ownership.  Yes, the procurement of servers, telephony equipment, cooling towers, etc. that demand whopping investment, has become redundant with it. In addition, businesses don’t need to hire specialists to keep all this running smooth as entire background tasks are managed by the service provider.  When it comes to delivery, the cloud-based phone system has enough to pamper entrepreneurs with innovative, flexible and affordable features.

Flexibility in phone number choice

Businesses can run their processes in a streamlined manner by keeping their branch offices, and stakeholders, including partners, affiliates and customers connected in multiple ways with its integrated communication system. They can go for different phone numbers: Local numbers (phone numbers based on local area code); Toll-free numbers (with a toll-free number starting with 1800 & 855, they can sound more professional); Global numbers (gives privileges to make international calls at the cost of local calls) and Transfer or Porting numbers (allows them to change their phone servers, but not the numbers in use).

Flexibility in device choice

Benefiting from the unified communication feature, businesses can keep their people more connected as well as customers more satisfied than ever. On the one hand, it supports the Bring Your Own Device culture and on the other, it helps customers to get in touch with their contact centers in a quick and easy manner. When on the move, professionals can forward calls form their IP phones to their tablets and phones, and when at desks they can make use of the latest communicator software to make or receive calls/messages or initiate a conference.

Flexibility in extension choice

The cloud phone system offers unlimited extensions to keep people and departments connected at a workplace. Businesses can go for extensions for different departments, including inventory, sales, support, etc. People can make the most of the built-in voicemail and fax delivery systems. People can get voicemail emailed as MP3 and faxes as PDFs. They can send voicemail notification to multiple email accounts. Voicemail transcription is also available to offer more freedom while working.

Thus, Techvedic is poised to give comprehensive collaboration platform to entrepreneurs, and they can benefit from its innovative and the richest feature set in the industry. Technology investment is not a concern as businesses can pick a plan matching their business demands & pay only for what they need or use. Friendly switching option is also available between plans to cope with changing business requirements.

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