1 July 2013
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Get ready to explore the Windows Store apps as developers are stepping into the field to build Windows Store applications with tablet-style functionality. You must be aware of this was formerly known as Metro but due to trademark conflict it is now referred as Windows Store apps. Well, this development is still under progress as building the base of apps requires time. Now, this updated version of Microsoft Windows Store apps bears modern UI interface as well as Microsoft’s live tiles for accessing functionality.

Microsoft contains about 100,000 Windows Store apps as compared to more than 975,000 Android apps in the Google Play store as well as the estimated 850,000 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch apps in Apple Store. With a more appealing perspective, Windows 8.1 is a better platform to boost Windows Store application development. Thus, it is expected that Windows 8.1 should increase Windows Store application. By offering better navigation in Windows 8.1, Microsoft has begun the preview of Windows 8.1.

Also, to make development easy Microsoft is leveraging XAML. Formerly, the company focused on Web languages like HTML 5 and JavaScript. But, now with XAML architect you can build an app for Windows 8. Well, developers are giving the Windows Store application style mixed reviews. Kristofer Linnestjerna, a developer at NetClean Technologies, was new to the Windows Store application experience and got confused while using it.

One of the developers explained that Windows Store app development is done to a certain level. It is not very difficult but for programming it for tablets, you need to rewrite some of the code, some of the front end so as to make it work on the phone. In fact, many people are not looking forward to see Windows Store apps development. But, Microsoft is continuously making the application development process better for Windows Store.

Customers are not very much excited about the development of Windows Store apps but may be in future this development will become important.


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