Citing the growing number of mobile commerce transactions in tandem with the growing shipments and adoption of mobile devices (which is often blamed for eroding the desktop market), one may easily predict that mobile commerce is here to stay. Yes, beyond doubt it would stay, but businesses, marketers and advertisers have to innovate their ways to not just grab the attention of the mobile audiences but to let them usher in a different world with better mobile engagement strategy. Presently, with just 2.7 per cent of retail conversion rates, we can’t perceive the mobile commerce situation as a satisfactory one. Take a look at the mobile conversion funnel in the US. Low conversion rate is nothing but a missing opportunity.


Thus, it’s clear that the potential of mobile commerce is yet to be unlocked, and that’s why businesses across the world are willing to divert about 50 per cent of their consumer product investments into innovating customer experience. According to Gartner, by 2016, customer experience would be a decisive factor in terms of customer acquisition through mobile-based marketing and sales campaigns.

Improving Customer Experience

Build Mobile-Friendly Website

The development of cross-platform mobile-friendly website should be encouraged. This would increase the reach of the brand and give better and homogenous experience to mobile users. Following attributes are worth considering while designing a mobile website or app:

  • A good search option.
  • Intuitive navigation and usability.
  • Important products can occupy the home page.
  • Behavioral targeting: recommend products based on the ones the customer visits.
  • Offer suggestion based on past purchased history.

Create One-Tap Payment Mechanism

Being a brand, you must facilitate your customers with a quick and secure (PCI-complaint) payment processing solution, if possible without diverting them away from the website or app. Integrate payment gateway directly into your website or mobile apps to ensure faster checkout process. Future payment processing can be made easier by allowing customers to store data on your server.

Unleash Social Media Potential

Social media insights can be used to provide more personalized shopping experience to users. Information or data that can be derived from these insights include:

  • Personal preferences
  • Events (e.g. birthday)
  • Name/address/e-mail
  • Location-based services
  • Credit card # (May not share)
  • Social networks (May not share)
  • Household information (May not share)
  • Browsing behavior (May not share)
  • Home/mobile phone # (May not share)

However, the above information should be used sensibly, otherwise the attempt could backfire, resulting into failed sales conversion and customer-dissatisfaction.

Test and Optimise

Keep monitoring the success of your mobile website or shopping app in terms of the shopper’ journey, and conversion rates. Learn where they get stuck and what worked and what failed. Being a brand owner, you must give due weightage to them. Luckily, getting feedbacks is easier. You can integrate the website or app with proven customer feedback tools like SuggestionBox, Kampyle, Get Satisfaction, Feedbackify, and many more. Based on the feedbacks, take right action at the right time to improve the performance of your digital asset.

Techvedic’s Approach and Solution

We, at Techvedic, help partners coming from all sectors to capitalize in on the growing consumption of digital media particularly via the mobile devices. We help them improve the audience engagement across smartphone and tablet devices, maximize conversion and drive sales.

Strategy and Consulting

We step into the shoes of our partners and their customers both. On the one hand, we get to know the needs and the operational challenges obstructing businesses to maximize their reach and conversion, while on the other, we get familiar with the expectations of the demanding, agile shoppers. The collaboration is instrumental in crafting a befitting mobile commerce strategy that results into responsive and secured website development integrated with all essential e-Commerce management features and tools to keep shoppers engaged and satisfied and businesses in control.

Managed Services

Convenient, security and interactivity – our mobile commerce managed services bring all for you and your customers. Here is a list on what you can achieve with it:

You achieve

  • Faster and easier product-navigation.
  • Faster and securer mobile payments.
  • Flexible in terms of usage of coupons, loyalty programs, gifting services
  • Targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Better social media engagement in sales automation tool.
  • Faster and easier information sharing

Monitoring Services

We keep monitoring the performance of the deployed Software as a Service (SaaS)-based mobile commerce solution to make sure that it serves the intended purpose. Built-in intuitive and configurable admin portal helps marketing professionals to have better control on the mobile engagement and the sales and marketing campaigns.

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