29 May 2013
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Mobile Internet Vs PC-Internet


Want to access the Internet? What would you prefer?? Taking out your laptop and connecting it to Internet sounds really cumbersome. Instead, using cell phone to access the Internet is much easier. Isn’t it?

Developing and transitioning countries are topping this list when it comes to mobile Internet usage. This dramatic increase in the use of mobiles is the indication for us that very soon mobiles are going to replace computers. Public libraries, cyber-cafes and telecenters for Internet are gradually replaced by mobile phones. Obviously, everyone wants convenience. And, it is easy to take out mobile and use Internet on it. Gone are the days when people used to carry their heavy laptops to access the Internet on the way.

Well, this is the report given by the researchers in South Africa. Now, Techvedic is going to put some light on the research report.  TASCHA has announced the release of Mobile Internet In-depth Study Research report comparing PC-based Internet access against mobile-based access for teenagers of urban world.

Apart from this, U.K. also leads in mobile Internet usage. The activities which they mostly do include web browsing, video streaming and use of social networking sites. Out of overall data consumption, shopping is the one in which they spend most of their time. This rise in use of Internet is the availability of smart devices like phones, tablets, and iPhones.

Under the study done by Walton and Donner, interviews with open-ended questions, five prevalent features came around:

  1. Use of the Internet in public access devices as well as in private mobiles is completely different. Teenagers are looking forward for a more easy-to-use medium.
  2. Using the Internet in public access venue cannot be completely avoidable as users still prefer it. Even those who have access to the Internet with their mobile think of using Internet on public access devices sometimes.
  3. Through public access, digital literacies are increasing along with hyperlinked media as well as large format documents.
  4. Going to teens, they are using combination of mobile and public access Internet resources to join the networked media production and popular economic mobilization.
  5. Further, rules and skills can be made better by public access-venue operators so that anyone can do complementary use of mobile Internet.

Well, let’s see that in upcoming time where technology takes us with its advanced features.

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