4 March 2013
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Mobile World Congress- Holding Back a Lot More…


25th February, Mobile World Congress … attendees got the rarest of the rare opportunity to meet leading entrepreneurs from the IT domain with the red carpet experience. Apart from sharing outlook and perspectives influencing and containing the mobile industry, the participants enjoyed complimentary food, drinks as well as live entertainment.

If you have missed it anyway, don’t regret. Read ahead, to know the objective and ambience of the Networking Gardens, if mobile technology interests you.

There were eight outdoor networking Gardens. Out of these, two located on the lower level and six situated along the Upper Walkway. It offered a great place to conduct meetings, interaction with clients as well as exploring the mobile industry with other attendees. With all the facilities nearby, this place served as an awesome location to hold meetings of such a remarkable stature.

The Mediterranean Networking Garden, located in Zone 2A at the lower level was the largest out of all the Networking Gardens. It offered the comfort and aroma of olive trees in the evening hours. Apart from this, near Congress Square, the Water Networking Garden was the most perfect place to get calmed down from the over-activity of MWC.

Above the Congress Square, the rest of the networking gardens were situated:

  • bullet_orange Out of all the upper Networking gardens, the wood Networking Garden was the largest and located nearby Hall 8.1.
  • bullet_orange Armed with golf green, the green Networking garden was not completely green in color.
  • bullet_orange Along with providing ample of networking as well as relaxation space, the Tin, Slate, Brick and Glass Networking Gardens were      considered to be more intimate spaces.


Other than this, the VIP Networking Lounge was also a great place to interact with the associated industry leaders. The other features of this lounge were:

  • bullet_orange Food and beverages free of cost along with a collection of wine and beer.
  • bullet_orange Wireless Internet connections, printing and photocopying services as well as computer workstations are freely accessible.
  • bullet_orange Enclosed meeting rooms for formal and private meetings.
  • bullet_orange Suitable arrangement for casual meetings.


Attendees with Platinum and Gold passes got entry from Halls 2 and 3 from 7:30 to 20:00. So, Mobile World Congress is going to be a most memorable event of mobile industry.

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