14 October 2015
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Humanity is heading towards a big shift—from the concrete jungle to silicon valley. Sorry to those who took the latter as the name of a famous city that houses the big IT companies to the likes of Facebook and Google. Rather, I have used it as a symbol of IT products, viz., computers, tablets, TVs, etc. that rely on the semiconductor element category of which Silicon is an important constituent. Though the concrete jungle is still going to prevail as urbanization will continue but certainly it’s not an identifying factor for the 21st century; but beyond doubt IT is. Interestingly, people often call this era as an IT era, or the virtual world, so it would be imperative to learn the shift from real to virtual. In the digital era, where home users are obsessed with technology, and businesses are finding a refuge in the IT, without any ifs and buts, anyone can say that the need of technical support services is going to increase. But at Techvedic, we believe that it won’t happen that way. Surprised, that how come a tech support company can admit that publically? Let’s explore this in details.

Well, there are significant factors that are heralding the change. In the past few years, the adoption of cloud-based applications and services has increased. Forget emails and social networks, today, we have cloud-hosted productivity, multimedia, publishing, and security software running on our systems. Software development frameworks have also taken the same subscription-based route. These Internet-based software have made the process of software installation, activation, update and upgrade redundant. Neither do they require any kind of repair and maintenance technical support services. Thus, there won’t be any pessimism in accepting the fact that need of technical support services will reduce on individual basis.

Does it mean that the technical support services industry will go the Dodo way? Or IT outsourcing services will become a past thing? The answer is a big No. The demand of technical support services for software will dip a bit as we have discussed above, but the same would get counterbalanced by the demand of hardware support services like hardware installation, hardware repair, hardware maintenance and upgrade. You would be surprised to know that our planet, the home to over 7 billion people, is also a home to over 4.9 billion Internet connected digital devices, and this number is only set to increase; as per Gartner, it would be somewhere around 25 billion by 2020. This exponential growth would not just equate but overshadow the decreasing trend felt in software technical support services segment.

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