Techvedic Announces myPC Plan in US, UK, Canada and Australia

Las Vegas, April 12, 2013 – Techvedic Inc., the one-stop technical solution provider for home and business consumers, has announced today the availability of myPC Plan – a bundled service program – for the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia based consumers. This would feature on the online stores of the company across the country-based websites, and can be requested by customers online or via phone.

The step seems to be envisioned with strengthening the existing markets and exploring new opportunities in relatively newer territories like Canada and Australia, where computer and Internet penetration is quite high (8 out of every 10 users have the Internet access). To recall, the company has a customer-base of more than 75000 in the U.S. and U.K. markets, and that’s too gained in a short period spanning around less than four years.

myPC Plan is a blend of software and services targeting to make computing stable, secure, smooth and fast at one go by taking care of the hardware and software components of users’ devices. The discussed product is powered by Norton AntiVirus, AVG PC Optimization tool and Norton Internet Security software.
“Technology makes life simple and we make technology simple,” said Anurag Sharma, Managing Director, Tech support and Marketing Division of Techvedic. “We understand the panic that users undergo, when their technology products fail to deliver the warranted performance as promised by manufacturers, and thereby bring a comprehensive solution that can take care of all computer issues, irrespective of brand, warranty period and platform.”

Giving a brief of the company’s objective, Sumit Ruhela, VP- Business Development, Techvedic Inc., said: “The concept is to empower customers and mitigate their hassles linked with calling different vendors to fix different computer issues.”

“We decided to serve this as a compact package that would take care of security, performance and general PC health – all at a time,” he added.

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Founded in 2009, Techvedic is a global leader in offering brand-independent and on-demand subscription based tech support services – online and onsite both – to let people and businesses explore opportunities and their respective potential for personal and mutual growth by utilizing the Information Technology and its derivatives under software and hardware categories.

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