20 October 2014
Data Management
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Are you an entrepreneur, who is really concerned about data management? Here is a brief questionnaire to go for.

  • Are you getting all the data you need?
  • Is the data accurate, and in the right format for access?
  • Do you know where all your data is?
  • Do the current software applications enable you to access data easily?

Do you have answers to all? If yes, skip the page.  Otherwise, spare some time, and discover them yourself.

With the changing facets of business landscape, users’ preference, technology paradigm and regulatory compliances, coupled with growing data integrity threats, data management is becoming a complex job to handle. As a result more and more businesses and enterprises are outsourcing it to an expert or a reputed IT service provider.

At Techvedic, we understand your concern regarding data management and endeavor to offer on-demand, on premise best data management solution. Learn below what we do and what you can achieve with us.

Reference Data Management

Arrangement and maintenance of key codes and terms like ontology definition used across the business, synonym cross-mapping, repository development and the deployment of system access methods

Master Data Management (MDM)

Define, identify and manage master data objects like product, customer, vendor, material, etc. MDM includes consolidation, transactional, hybridization, modeling and stewardship process.

Data Governance

Developing an organizational charter, structure, operating procedures, communication plan, program initiation and management.

Data Quality

Evaluating data quality, profiling and creating & managing repository rules.

Data Architecture

It involves outlining an architectural framework and design to manage all sorts of data including structured, semi-structured and unstructured.  And standardizing the architecture, storage and data retention strategies.

Data Integration

Making use of standard federation and replication technologies to outline the integration architecture. Verifying the functional and technical aspects linked with data movement, mapping and consolidation. Overall monitoring the performance of the integrated environment.

Hopefully, above services will help your people to have timely access to critical data and deliver their best. It will reduce time spend manually integrating data, and eliminate complexity of managing growing data without increasing your total cost of technology ownership.

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