From sales and marketing to customer service, businesses rely on CRM (customer relationship management) platform. Responsiveness of the CRM solution plays an important role in generating leads, converting prospects to customers, and later delivering exceptional post-sales services to customers and thereby building rapport to stay ahead of competitors. These activities are vital for any business model. Understanding the needs, Techvedic brings OneCRM, a cloud-based customer relationship management platform. Apart from offering 360-degree overview of customer acquisition or customer service programs, it helps them consistently optimize their campaigns and learn customers’ preferences to increase profitability, cut operational costs and nurture brand value.

OneCRM empowers workforce staffs to sync and share information across any mobile and non-mobile device. It can draw insights from social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube and keep users connected using email account of their choice. They can capture activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussion and more anytime, anywhere.

Interested in OneCRM? New to OneCRM? Want to learn about its built-in features and capabilities? How does it boost the workforce productivity and customer satisfaction? Take a tour to its salient features.

OneCRM Capabilities

Bringing teams and customers togetherBringing teams and customers together

Businesses are dispersed today, and so are the customers. Thanks our customer relationship management solution can converge all. Now, empower your people with the latest information using our mobile-friendly CRM and drive engagement with prospects/customers over phone, email, chat or social media. Hence, close more sales and keep customers satisfied by being more responsive.

Automating processesAutomating processes

Improve workflow and productivity across all operations, including lead management, order processing, inventory management, order tracking and customer service with automated CRM solution. Data and files are synced homogenously among different departments. Hence, without leaving the CRM dashboard authenticated users can find relevant information that they need. No scrolling, no searching is required. Everything is on-the-spot.

Discovering sales opportunityDiscovering sales opportunity

Track marketing campaigns across all channels: digital and traditional both. Get information about leads and track all relevant activities that happened from lead generation to case closures. Learn what worked and what failed and use the insights in future marketing campaigns to discover new sales opportunities and drive sales and growth.

Offering unified service deskOffering unified service desk

Usually, prospects or customers use more than one device or medium, and they are everywhere – on Web, social, chat, and mobile. With OneCRM, give them unified experience, whether it’s marketing or customer service. Enhance the responsiveness of your operation, stay in compliance with pre-defined service level agreements (SLAs) and keep customers happy and satisfied.

Embracing more featuresEmbracing more features

Pull data from third-party applications, such as, accounting apps, ERP, e-commerce, self-service portals, etc., to make the OneCRM database more inclusive. Integrate as much custom apps that you want and within each create grouping tabs based on the needs of your business or operation to keep information organized. This will help your agents to respond quickly to customers queries.

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