14 May 2015
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The customer is king – in the parlance of marketing and customer management you might have come across the phrase many a time. Gradually, not just the big enterprises, but also the small and medium businesses, startups and even public sector firms have understood the importance of customer satisfaction, and they are making a huge investment to earn it. Right from adopting a responsive customer relationship management software solution to reviving their existing modus operandi, to making their people more sensitive towards the customer’s needs, they are doing everything to make sure they can give the best experience to the customers and maintain their momentum in the highly competitive marketplace.

Today finding a reliable CRM solution is an easy affair. If you are in the quest of such vendors, you don’t need to look here and there. Search them online. There are different players, some local, while others globally renowned. No matter what you deal into, means in which industry you are and whom you serve i.e. the customer segment, these CRM solution providers can help with everything. They can provide CRM software solution based on your industry and your needs. Be as demanding as you want to be. Don’t worry about the investment part, as the induction of cloud technology has made the CRM services quite affordable. No need to hire any CRM development team, just subscribe the service, pay on monthly basis and enjoy the benefits, the entire benefits that were once considered to be meant for  large enterprises or reputed brands.

With a bid to help businesses reap the benefits of growing market opportunities, Techvedic – an ICT based enterprise – brings OneCRM solution. This is a flexible software-as-a-service or cloud based customer relationship management software to help businesses better manage their customers’ records, serve them and monetize the opportunities overcoming all challenges – growing customer base along with their soaring expectations, complicating customer protection regulations and more. OneCRM by Techvedic facilitates easy-to-use software interface with all powerful tools and features that employees today need to drive sales, assist customers and build better rapport with them. Customer relationship management software can be accessed easily across desktops, laptops and smartphones from anywhere, anytime to make sure that a business remains always live, irrespective of the disparity caused by time zones and geographies. Hence, this brings an ideal solution for organizations that have multiple offices across different locations, and which needs to stay operational round-the-clock.

Availability, scalability, affordability and flexibility – OneCRM customer relationship management software features everything that today’s entrepreneurs seek to contain the growing TCO (Total cost of ownership) budget, increase their workforces’ efficiency and deliver more to keep their customers satisfied. However, the aspirants of CRM must not forget to compare the functionalities that they need to keep their people productive without being trapped into tech complexity. Before striking a deal, one should also take into account the reputation of the vendor, and what would be the best way to judge that than the social media and consumer forums which are abuzz with all kinds of positive and negative vibes, and where people are free to express what they feel about their service providers.

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