Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Vs. Microsoft Surface Book

With the rising appetite among digital consumers for performance on the go, the line between tablet and laptop has blurred significantly, and technology makers are making no mistake in exploiting the opportunity.

Consequently, the tech market has become a battlefield of a new breed of 2-in-1 technology product often dubbed as tablet-cum-laptop or vice versa (with detachable keyboard). In the current technology review, Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Vs. Microsoft Surface Book, Techvedic presents one-to-one product comparison. It would be imperative to reveal to the readers here that Surface Book is available in the market, while its counterpart is likely to make its debut by February 2016. However, both have a thing in common. Guess? It’s Windows 10.


    Samsung Galaxy TabPro Microsoft Surface Book
Dimension 290.3 mm x198.8 mm x6.3 mm 312.3mm x 232.1mm x 13.0 – 22.8mm
Weight 693gm (tablet only); 718 gm (tablet only); 1,516 gm with keyboard
External Build Magnesium and Plastic Magnesium

Evidently, Samsung seems taking a lead here. Microsoft has emphasized on the physical robustness by choosing to go with the all-metallic body, which is also of no less importance considering physical vulnerability linked with mobile lifestyle. However, the metallic and plastic combination doesn’t mean that you underestimate Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Its premium leather-like finish can cope with any amount of wear and tear of daily travel.


    Samsung Galaxy TabPro Microsoft Surface Book
Screen Size 12.0″ 13.5″
Display Technology Super AMOLED display IPS display
Resolution 2160 x 1440 3000 x 2000

Clearly, Microsoft has an edge here. The difference in technology attributes largely to their power consumption. Super AMOLED display eliminates the need for backlighting, and helps in power saving. Surprisingly, Microsoft Surface Book has a better battery life in both modes, i.e. tablet and laptop.


    Samsung Galaxy TabPro Microsoft Surface Book
Processor Intel Core M 6th Generation Dual Core 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 Processor
RAM 4 GB 8 GB (expandable up to 16GB)
Graphics (Discrete GPU) option Not available Intel Core i5 (Intel HD Graphics)/ Intel Core i7 (NVIDIA GeForce GPU)
Storage 128 GB/25GB 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB

Here again, we see that Microsoft Surface Book stays upbeat regarding performance. Whether its high-end gaming or computing with demanding apps, it’s ready to deliver more than its counterpart.


    Samsung Galaxy TabPro Microsoft Surface Book
USB Ports 1 USB 2.0; 1 USB 3.0 Two full-size USB 3.0
Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking
Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology 4.0 wireless technology
LTE Yes No

Not much variance can be witnessed in both the flagship products. Hence, depending upon your usage, you can bid for the best product in your budget.

Camera, Video and Battery

    Samsung Galaxy TabPro Microsoft Surface Book
Rear 5MP 8.0MP
Front 5MP 5.0MP
Video Out USB-C Mini DisplayPort
SD card No Yes
Battery 5,200mAh (39.5 W-h) 51 W-h

Front camera in Surface Book is equipped with face-authentication technique. Yes, forgotten password will be an alien thing for generation Z.


Microsoft Surface Book starts at $1, 499 (128GB/Intel Core i5). However, you can get an upgraded machine with more power by slightly loosening the strings of your purse. Samsung has not disclosed its prices yet.
Vying to become the top choice of consumers, both brands are trying to bring the best of the tablet and laptop’s worlds into a sleek and stylish design to match the contemporary mobile lifestyle. And the robust configuration in both cases outdoes any doubt regarding performance. Capacity-and-feature wise, the balance tilts towards Microsoft Surface as we have seen above. However, which will become the premium choice of consumers is a question difficult to answer at this very moment as Samsung Galaxy TabPro has yet to hit the store.
Not to worry. Techvedic is here to bring you the latest happenings. We’ll be back with more detail as soon as it makes any ripples in the technology pool.

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