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When you have a whole universe to expand then why stay confined to a small room! Give your business-dream a wing with Techvedic’s state-of-the-art S-a-a-S Solution coupled with vigilant IT support, and fly high, move higher and touch the highest paradigm.

We have customized solutions to establish and shape your POS (Point of Sale) online, whether it’s dealing with gift, novelty, apparel, candy, party, liquor, pet, toys, or others, in a way that you can derive the best performance and reap the benefit of technology keeping a tab on operational and management cost and beating the security blues.


Key Features of Our S-a-a-S Solution
  • bullet_orange Presents real-time visibility across the retail chain including customer, inventory, sales, or store information
  • bullet_orange Reduces POS upfront investment in terms of software, support, maintenance, and upgrades
  • bullet_orange Lowers ongoing costs slashing deployment time, elimination of supporting infrastructure and application testing,       lower training requirements, and reduction in process changeover management
  • bullet_orange Offers scalability to match growing business needs
  • bullet_orange Enforces impermeable protection to business database or information
  • bullet_orange Built in business intelligence tools with POS software to analyze and identify customer buying trends and new       opportunities

Overall, our S-a-a-S solution fosters better customer experience and increased return on investment or revenues, which eventually boost up the sustainability aspect.


Know the magic of our success wagon, which is embarked by world’s renowned business empires across the globe.


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