Techvedic has been giving its incredibly best assistance with superlative services to the esteemed customers from across the world since more than a decade now. Every single client who has witnessed our incredible range of services holds an extremely special place for us. Each customer has largely contributed to our growth and development. Techvedic has established itself as a prominent brand name only because of the quality of services that it endows to its customers. We duly follow the custom of making customers our priority which enables us to satisfy even the minutest requirement of our clientele. Techvedic stands at par with all the expectations of the customers.


Our clientele is our world. They have made us, what we are now. We consider ourselves the most fortunate that we have assisted and worked with myriads of clients from almost every industry across the world. We never seize to satisfy our customers with our brilliant assistance. With extraordinary services, we bring smiles on their faces. Techvedic thrive on such smiles of our clients. The gracious clients never fail to appreciate our assistance and this inspires and motivates us to perform even better. Clients tend to express their genuine feelings towards our services through feedbacks. Taking out time to write a feedback is itself an effort considering that nobody has time in this fast pacing world. Techvedic always takes their reviews, feedbacks, and testimonials, whether positive or negative, as a ladder to success and development.


We do our best to bestow more than just a satisfactory experience to them. Our genuine efforts can be witnessed via our customer’s Reviews in which they share their experiences and the appreciations. Our client’s kind words say a lot about our services and their experiences with Techvedic. The good and kind words always motivate us and prove to be an instant energy booster which inspires us to work even better for them. It encourages us to set new milestones and meet each one of them with great expertise. Whereas, the negative ones, inspire us to look into the loopholes and eliminate them to provide the best experience.


We are all ears to our clients – always keen to listen to them whether it is about their issues, the services or simply a testimonial. Techvedic would love to hear your thoughts and reviews, how did you find our services, our assistance and how we helped you and your business. We take our happy clients and their words as a reflection of our hard work and dedication. Since inception, our valued clients have been giving their feedbacks and sharing their experiences with us. Some of the latest ones have been mentioned below for your perusal.


Verifed Techvedic Reviews

I have just been on to techvedic technical support for a software problem. I was helped by Monica Raina. These support team members were patient and extremely helpful. My problem was completely resolved to my satisfaction. Both these technical service consultants are a credit to your organization, and it has been a pleasure to deal with TechVedic.
Anthony Crouch
Every time I contact your company with a computer problem, your staff member shubham is very happy to help & sorts the problem very quickly. I will always be happy to give people I know in business your company's name to fix their computer problems.
Peter Knapp
I wish to express my thanks at the service I have received by this service agent. His patience and understanding of my shortcomings on the computer. You should increase his salary. Once again many thanks Sagar. Good Job Jitendra & Sagar!
David Kirsch
The experience we have received has been excellent Jitendra Maurya has resolved all the problems we have been experiencing today. He is very professional and helpful and we are very grateful to him. Score rate 10 out of 10. Without his help and support today we would not have known how to carry on with our business requirements following the fault with the computer.
Nicola Keogh
Thank you very much Satinder Pal Mehra, your expertise has been amazing and this could have really affected the running of my business without your help, you have fixed my computer problems very fast. Thank you very much, you are my savior…Thank you very much once again!!!
James Thomas
Pintu Kumar, Yes you have done a fabulous job. We will tell our friends about your service and surely recommend that to my friends and neighbors.Thank you so much and have a great day.Once again I would say Pintu Kumar is very intelligent and very knowledgeable person.
Derek Barrows
Dear Prashant Dhakal,I was very impressed with your excellent technical ability when dealing with my problem. The problem was solved in a very professional way with a very courteous attitude.
Ian Holden
I would like to say thank you very much for all your help. As someone who is not technically minded your staff made things very easy to understand. Well done Deepak Papreja.
David D Roseburgh
The problem was that the sound was not working. This was diagnosed as being a virus. The virus was removed and the system restored to full working order.  Excellent service by Deepak Papreja. Everything completed very satisfactorily.
Chris West
I am very pleased with the phenomenal technical service provided by you people. I was unable to find any solution from last 2 months. But techvedic did it in seconds.
James Mathew
I was alone at my place that day and suddenly my computer was getting reboot and was turning off again and again. As I called the Techvedic and discussed my problem with Tech Executive. He told me that it’s a hardware issue. It is possible that its power supply is dying or in most of the cases a dirty or defective cooling fan is not working. So, because of overheating it is possible that it cools itself down by switching off itself. Or if you find extra heat coming out of your computer you can switch it off on your own. If the problem persists, clean your computer to check if its running properly. He also asked me to double check my cable wire. After all these efforts my system was working fine, and I glad by their services and writing this review. would take more services from them if required. They always make sure that their customers are satisfied and they leave no stone upturned in providing good services to them.
Peter Jack
Few months ago, I had this small encounter from a tech support company called Techvedic. My computer was performing quite slow. Maybe that product a lot of complaints from user side. I thought that no one will entertain this problem as it was a very small one and quite time consuming. Still I decide to call Techvedic, the technician first told me this may occur due to lack of maintenance. He told me that Fragmented data, corrupted registry, spyware, and load of unnecessary programs and services running can all eat away at your PC speed and performance. He told that he will clean up the programs and my devices, this process would easily award you 30% gain in the performance. I was very satisfied with the way they dealt with me and solved my problem. I hope this reviw will help you for better exprience.
This review is to tell you more about tech support company. I recently took services from Techvedic. The company is nice and well organized. As I was switching on my PC, it was not responding in certain situations like I was trying to a save a file and each time I was getting notified that I have a missing or corrupt DLL file. I got extremely furious as I was not able to solve the problem manually after in numerous of efforts. So, I decided to call Techvedic, for asking solution to my problem. A technician picked up my call and I found him quite experienced. His name was Gary, and was quite professional. He told me that the problem was “Missing DLL File.” DLL (Dynamic-Link Library) is the house of information for the operating system and is responsible for certain functions that the system performs. He said that my system is not able to read the DLL file, so it is not responding. He then took my screen access and recovered all the missing and damaged files by downloading them back onto my PC. I was extremely delightful that Techvedic helped me in this situation with their best professionals and experts. Similarly, this Techvedic review is to tell you good about the company services and what all they provide to their customers. I turned out to be satisfied and plan to take more such services from them in future.
Pierre T.
I was recently travelling for my business meeting. It was a two-hour journey and with my laptop I decided to make my presentation on the way. But suddenly my screen went blue with some white text running on it. I was terrified as some of my important work was already running. I could not afford to lose any of the data. I immediately called Techvedic. A tech support company I heard about recently. I did not have any time to read about it or their reviews, so I just called them. A guy picked up my call and I just told him about all my problems. He told me that the problem is of Blue screen of death (BSOD). Yes, this problem is the scariest, but he asked me to remain calm and do not worry. He told me that he just needs to reboot my laptop. He also told me that if the stop error occurs it is due to failing of hardware, damaged software or problems with drivers and much more. He took the screen access and did some coding that helped to fix the problem. He took around one hour but was successful to restore all the files and data successfully. I could not bid him thanks as I was in hurry but this Techvedic Review is to tell them that their services are incredible, and the professionals also leave no stone upturned to satisfy the customers. My experience was extremely nice with them and this review further explains the details.
Mark Tyne
I was alone at my place, and suddenly all the applications of my computer was running very slow. I initially tried to rectify the problem, but failed to do so and the things got worst. I thought of calling a friend, but he was also unable to do so. So, he suggested me to call to a tech support company named Techvedic. I read about them and then called them. A professional expert picked up my call. He was well behaved and was very patient throughout our conversation. He told me that you must be having some problems that involve your operating system. He told me that my system must be missing some updates, or the computer doesn’t have enough hard drive space. He cleaned, scan and optimized my hard drive. He further took the screen access and cleaned my system from some virus which may damage few files in my system in future. I was extremely happy the way he solved the problem. I thanked my friend for suggesting me Techvedic. This Techvedic review is to suggest that one should experience Techvedic services.
Martin Ohayan

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“After doing some research on Google, we called Techvedic looking for help to connect a new office computer to our server. After leaving a message with the IVR. An Techvedic CCE called me back within 5 minutes and was able to walk us through all of the set up steps… “

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“I had always second thoughts regarding backup of my data, however, when I figured out that back home due to loss of data, almost 20% of the enterprises are obliterated within a period of 3 years then I started to wonder. So, I was looking forward to reputed name in the market and my friend suggested Techvedic, since he had availed their service in the past…”

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“Techvedic has saved me MANY times! They are well worth the cost. I am digital marketing guy and I carry a laptop all times. Nowadays, thousand of unknown virus attacks every second over the internet. This a big issue for online computer users, generally I use anti virus but sometimes…”

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“I work with a small group, as we deal in some household work so our team has no idea about technology. One day as I was working late and my computer got hanged. Manually, I tried a lot recover things and my files but unfortunately, I failed miserably…”

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“My son somehow got connected with Techvedic Online tech support as he accidently downloaded virus and the virus was very sneaky & it was trying to upload information from my system to some unknown source. Every 5 minutes my system was crashing…”

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“Accidentally I forget to back-up, I was really trouble and thinking to how will I get it. For me it’s not possible I called to my friend and ask him to suggestion, they told me to call Techvedic they will definitely help you in this case. I called them and I found…”

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“I used Techvedic when Our file server & Microsoft exchange server was damaged completely and caused many problems to our network and some computers as well. When I called, wasn’t sure Techvedic can handle this problem because it could not be solved by our existing IT guy…”

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“Excellent support from Techvedic. Highly recommend, I have been with this company Techvedic for over 3 years now. All the technician they have are highly qualified and are really good with the computer. They have been a great help whenever… “
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