20 February 2013
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Safer Internet Day- Stay Safe Online…


Safer Internet Day (SID)! In a culture where we are obsessed with celebration of some or the other kind of days every month and every week, it might have gone unnoticed for many of us – may be due to the overwhelming Valentine Day. But it’s different – no gifts are shared, and none even says “Happy Safer Internet Day.” Nevertheless, it’s worth.

Celebrated on 5 February, EU SafeBorders project started this day as an initiative to enhance awareness about the Internet security in 2004. After that Insafe took over it in 2005 and since then it is celebrated in more than 90 countries. Safer Internet Day aims to promote the awareness about the secure use of Internet and mobile technology. Whether it is cyberbullying or social networking, Insafe always tries to come out with the emerging issues related to online technology. Nowadays, evolving technology is reflecting several concerns related to security and thus in 2013; Safer Internet Day was celebrated with the theme based on “Online rights and responsibilities”.

When it comes to security, Microsoft is playing a vital role. This year Microsoft has released the results of Microsoft Computing Safety Index. It is a system developed in2011, under which a survey is performed in 20 countries to know about the online safety behaviors of consumers. Apart from Microsoft, Google also updated its “Good to Know” tool which is a widest education campaign for the consumers. The session-wide SSL encryption is by default now when you signed into the Google Drive. As the outdated software can make your computer more prone to security problems thus, Google has built the Chrome browser. By this, your software automatically gets upgraded to the latest version.

Steps taken to increase online safety:
  • bullet_orange Some leading Companies are stepping forward to develop tools for reporting against online abuse or bullying.
  • bullet_orange For child online safety, almost 29 companies are coming forward to equip smartphones, computers, tablets and game consoles with       parental control tools.
  • bullet_orange Content ratings should be there for apps, online videos and films. This will be helpful in classifying online materials on the basis of       age.
  • bullet_orange Privacy settings should be there so that one can understand what is appropriate as per the age. proffers an online platform for international organizations and countries to present their events as well as actions to make people more aware regarding their online security. Safer Internet Day is an important tool to suggest the masses about the correct as well as responsible use of online technology. Take a step ahead for your security!!

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