5 September 2013
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The higher you go the colder it is; the deeper the well the sweeter the water.However, the proportionate decrease or increase convention fails to explain certain phenomena, claims Techvedic.

The recently launched Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 priced at $ 199 featuring the same capacity in terms of storage (8GB), screen resolution (1024 x 600 Pixel), battery, camera (3.0 MP) and operating system as its predecessor but asking for $30 extra is something hard to swallow in. In fact, it made a bit upgrade to the processor (from 1 GHz to 1.2 GHz) and offered additional SD memory support (from 32 GB to 64 GB) but citing the outside competition posed by Google Nexus 7 priced at $ 229.99 (16GB memory, 1.5 GHz processor, Android 4.3) and Amazon Kindle Fire HD with a price tag of $230, the upgrade seems a meagre one, thereby contrasting to what we discussed above, i.e. we can’t say confidently “the more you invest the more you get.”

However, due to high usability and versatility, these handy PC’s can be seen anywhere and everywhere from offices to hospitals to classrooms. With ideal Android operating system and innovative features, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has made it easy to perform multiple functionalities simultaneously without involving many hassles. Let’s have a quick look at the device.


Core Specifications

  • bullet_orangeDisplay Type: Gorilla glass
  • bullet_orangeScreen Size is: 7.0”
  • bullet_orangeResolution: 1024×600 Pixel
  • bullet_orangeWeights 10.72 oz
  • bullet_orangeProcessor Speed & Type: 1.2GHz Dual Core
  • bullet_orangeLocation: GPS
  • bullet_orangeOS: Android 4.1.2, Jellybean
  • bullet_orangeCarrier: Wi-Fi only
  • bullet_orangeSpeakers: Super Stereo



  • bullet_orangeQuick to connect with people
  • bullet_orangeHeaps of fun-filled free and paid games
  • bullet_orangeVarious “on the house” e-book readers are available (they may or may not be free)
  • bullet_orangeRefurbished applications, email, web browsers and calendar
  • bullet_orangeAudio recording, video calling and creating voice messages seem to be simple task
  • bullet_orangeCompatible with YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and Crackle for watching online movies, videos or paid shows

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