1 July 2013
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Samsung Introduces OLED TV for Better Display


Big screen and higher resolution are perhaps the force driving the smartphone, tablet and TV markets around the world. And according to the latest Nielsen Cross-Platform Report, Americans spend more than 33 hours of a week watching videos. Interestingly, despite the deeper Internet penetration, they prefer TV for that. Wondering? But it’s a fact, and about 90.4 percent Americans are linked with some or the other cable, telephone company-provided TV or satellite.
And taking suo motu cognizance of the situation, Samsung, the world’s biggest TV manufacturer has stepped into the OLED (organic light emitting diode)-based TV display market. Thinking what OLED stands for? Well, it’s a technology, which offers better picture quality with crisper picture resolution, faster response times as well as high-contrast images. Also, this OLED technology is available for curved televisions to give an immersive experience. But, the problem is production restrictions. There are many analysts who estimated that due to difficulties in spreading organic light emitting materials evenly across large screens, seven out of ten screens were faulty.

Therefore, OLEDs are not up to the mark to replace LCDs completely. According to Samsung, they are also not very sure of the success of this OLED technology. But, they are just introducing their first OLED TV and waiting to see consumer response. This will help them to judge the overall market demand. However, as per the research firm DisplaySearch, the sales of OLED televisions will be 50,000 this year and 600,000 next year. With time, LCD technology is also getting better, and it would impose greater challenges on the OLED technology.

It is more likely that OLED demand will boost up only after 2015, as it would take time to improve picture quality to meet the level of ultra-high definition and mitigate factors hindering cost-effective manufacturing. Furthermore, Samsung has unveiled the 55-inch and 65-inch ultra-high definition TV sets which have crisper LCD picture resolution. LG display which is also working from a pilot line has started investing 706 billion in large OLED panels. But, Samsung has still not announced its capital investment plan for production of large OLED screens.

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