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The proliferation of mobile has reached its highest crescendo and at present almost 64% of Americans own a smartphone, such huge chunk of population resorting to smartphones have provided a ready market for tech support providers. However, these days the trend of online tech support has been exploited in a complicit way. So, false players masquerading as genuine tech support providers are getting indulged in first and second grade felony with crimes levelled against them covering marketing rogue security software, espionage, sabotage and identity theft, even cyber extortion is also on the cards.  They are getting indulged in tech support phone scams by presenting themselves as genuine and reliable players. So, what they are doing is sending messages of this sort

“Your computer may be infected”

“Your software is not genuine”

“For emergency tech support call immediately”


How is the Tech Support Scam Shaping Up?

  1. Basically, when you receive a message reading as follows “your computer’s security has been compromised, install this software to retrieve your access”. Such messages tempts a normal human to go for CTA or Call-To-Action, and once you install the software then things start to get wriggled.
  2. The malicious agents are pretty sharp and they contact you through false pretext of representing some reliable players like Microsoft, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. So, people believe them and give them access to their phone, and once that is done then things get simpler for these players. They siphon all your bank details, transaction ID’s and other financial details that helps them in their complicit pursuits.

Why is it becoming Such a Mayhem?

Since phone directories contain all the numbers that are subscribed within an area, so these malicious agents are using this as the most important weapon to invoke trust in your mind. So, once you are taken in their confidence, they would recommend that you reveal your username and password and even they may recommend you to visit some websites that would help you provide easy resolve. So, when you do that then you get tricked by these fraudulent tech support providers. They take away your vital details and use them to fulfill their malicious pursuits.

Ways to Deal with this Mess

Never entertain any such calls. However, if you have got entrapped in any phone tech support scam, then we recommend you to take the below steps without any delay:

  • 1.Change your system’s password and every other credentials related to your email account, financial account, bank and credit card.
  • 2.Take help of any reputed virus or malware removal tool to scan your computer. Do update the software before getting started.
  • 3.Install any compatible Internet security software.

Remember, the brand never calls up their customers to provide any technical support which is chargeable. So, if any tech support company claims that they are from Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, Sony, never believe them since these providers never resort to direct marketing.

Whom to report?

So, if they coerce you into purchasing any software never believe them, at the same time, try to trick them by asking about the subscription charges of their contractual service and dig their personal numbers. If you are possible to get their numbers then immediately report to the concerned authorities.  In the United States, you can report to FTC Complaint Assistance Forum.

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