Dyreza Banking Malware

If you are an enthusiastic online banking user, in that case, you got to keep your system completely tuned to perfection for keeping vulnerabilities at bay—reason, Dyreza malware. So, has the alarm bells rung for you, well, if it hasn’t, in that case, you are walking towards online vulnerabilities with every click on any banking websites.


The Halloween for Internet users was wreaked in the mid of October, the reason was Dyreza banking malware. This malware is specially designed by the online tricksters to exploit their online targets and the targeted niche may vary, so it may range from senders, attachments, themes, payloads and other relevant data upload and downloading. Generally, the most important gimmick that this malware   plays is to captivate users to download the attachments and files. So, once you are doing that then you fall prey to this online cyber-attack.


The primary function of this malware is sabotage, espionage and theft, so it just tows in line with other malware, however, the only difference that makes it so lethal is, it continuously hacks vital user login information and sends that to the online thugs or malicious agents. The working of this malware is pretty unique, it will come in a PDF form and it represents authorized sponsors. So, you are lured into opening the attachment, thereby initiating the chain reaction of the virus. Therefore, once you open the file, it provides the gateway for the malware and it exploits the lacunae in Adobe Reader, so the virus gets planted in the system and it flexes it muscle to provide gateway for other viruses to barge in the system and achieve their diabolical pursuits.

Intensity and Penetration

This malware is highly intense since its hacks user login information and creates a bridge between malicious agent and the host to continuously siphon funds from one account to another. The virus provides PPT, ZIP or PDF format files that increases the curiosity and the host is trapped into the smart gimmick of this virus program. The harvesting of online and vital information leads to financial damage and this makes this malware so lethal. So, have a look at the proliferation of this malware program on the global platform.

Dyreza Banking Malware
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How It Works?

Now, a question might be popping in your head and you would like to know how this virus works. Well, in that case, take a look at these information.

  1. The virus works through installation. So, when you download the attachment in the form of PPT, ZIP or PDF, payloads are created in the system and it provides a safe pathway for other viruses to take refuge in the system and wreak havoc.
  2. The next course of action for this virus is to take a specified course and connect to different domains in the system.
  3. The virus controls all the domains that are infected and provide control to the malicious agents for meeting with their pursuits.
  4. As this malware targets sensitive user credentials, to get this pursuit going ma sound  tough, however, the virus eases of the toughness by using MITM ( man-in-the-middle feature), so it helps the hacker to intercept the traffic and convert it from, encrypted to decrypted, so you are not at all aware that your Internet server has been compromised.
  5. Now, once the system gets compromised, the malicious agent can easily figure out the sensitive banking details, transaction that you have undertaken.


Containing this virus is pretty much essential to protect your funds from landing in the wrong hands. So, if you don’t want to let this virus wreak havoc in your system, in that case, you can go for these solutions.

  1. Make sure that you are not clicking to any unauthorized or suspicious links that appear on the web. At the same time, before downloading any attachment, ZIP file and folder, power point presentations offered online, make it a point to scan with your anti-virus program.
  2. Whenever you are getting attachments on emails, even from those that are in your contact list, it is important that you are not opening it instantly, rather, go for scan and then open the email only when you are fully assured that it is safe.
  3. Always keep the antivirus program up-to-date to fight against any latest security threats.
  4. At the same time, whatever operating system you are using, always make sure that they are regularly updated.

If you are having the right awareness and proper prudence, in that case, in all probabilities, this virus will never ever able to inflict its wrath on you. So, for more details you can visit us.


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