30 September 2015
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 7.71 billion Versus 4.9 billion—by 2020 this would be the equation between the human race and Internet connected devices, or in the other words, between the God-made sensitive creatures and the man-made smart gizmos, between the natural intelligence and artificial intelligence. And if Gartner, the leading technology research and advisory firm, has its way then within next couple of years, number of devices would exceed the human population. Surprised? You should not as the agency expects that original equipment manufacturers will succeed in shipping around 2.5 billion units of devices including PCs, tablets, ultramobiles and mobile phones by the end of 2015. The increased consumption of digital technology is beyond any ifs and buts as already expressed by leading research firms to the likes of eMarketer. For your quick reference, in the UK, the adults are spending over 4 hours of their days on PCs, mobiles, etc. and this has outpaced the traditional TVs, and print media is almost on the verge of extinction. This incremental digitization and consumption has paved the way of pro technology support services providers.

Covering the scope of pro technology support services would be a difficult affair citing the length and breadth of the adoption of IT. However, the four broad categories include: setup and installation, diagnose and repair, protect and secure, speed up and optimize. Earlier the original equipment manufacturers were focusing mostly on their sales and majority of the pro technology support services was confined to setup and installation and were meant for onboarding or new customers only. The other tasks like repair, maintenance, protect, secure, etc. were cornered as brands were not focused on building rapport with customers once the sales were concluded, as a result for years the consumers were largely relying on local computer repair service providers or local technicians. But increased competition at marketplace and strict consumer laws compelled them to extend their scope of services to include existing customers as well. Nowadays, we can see technology makers or brands offering warranty and post-warranty tech support services both, though the latter becomes paid once the threshold is reached.

However, the growing diversity of technology devices that we own has led to the emergence of third-party technical support vendors like Techvedic. They have challenged the hegemony of original equipment manufacturers but for a good cause. Consumers now have multiple windows to seek pro technology support services and at their own terms. If you navigate through the websites of such technology support vendors, you can witness a range of technology platforms and devices mentioned in their support index. Apart from a few that are affiliated with technology makers, the majority take pleasure in serving independently.

Hence, being a consumer, you can seek lifelong technical support for your product or service without any obligation to comply with. Thus, visiting different vendors for computer repair, printer repair, tablet repair, smartphone repair, TV repair and so on has become a past affair. Just at one place, you can find everything, and most importantly, without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

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