23 May 2013
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Smart Home- Home User Gets Something to Cheer


Heard about smart phones? I am sure that you have the answer ‘yes’. Obviously, smartphone is the most popular gadget of today’s world. But, have you ever heard the term Smart Homes? Not yet?? Then, get ready to take advantage of another surprise of technology. Technology is a blessing which always brings something new for us. And, this time it is coming with smart homes. Now, you must be thinking what smart homes really are. Well, smart homes are nothing but a new gift of technology that turns appliances on and off by our direction, at times by voice commands.

The current Techvedic blog issue is based on an extensive research by Naveen Nair at the IITB-Monash Research Academy and the technology is based on sequence labeling. Now, Mr. Nair is looking forward to take sequence labeling to a next level so that the technology can become friendlier for you.  Basically, sequence labeling does not consider the relationship between different actions and take every action as a single variable. But, Nair’s research was to find the relationship between individual actions. After learning the observations, he developed improved and useful inference models.

Let’s take one example. A person opens his bedroom door each evening and then turns off bedside heater. As per traditional sequence labeling, these events are separate but this research captured the relationship between two actions to provide better system. Nair’s research views these activities completely to develop an appropriate inference model for performing the tasks automatically. In this, if the person is opening the door as well as turning off the bedside heater, this system infers that the person is going to sleep and hence, it turns off the television in living room automatically. This is due to the system developed by Nair which learns the relationships between different activities and work accordingly.

Under the guidance of Professors Ganesh Ramakrishnan (from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India) and Shonali Krishnaswamy (from Monash University, Australia), Naveen Nair undertook this research. According to Mr. Naveen Nair, his research is all about learning the optimum features in order to give the organised output. He wanted his research to be more improved so that the system can be better in activity recognition. He also added that previously he developed an inference model after studying the observations of elderly people living alone. This inference model can estimate the health of a person.

He has conceived and developed many practical applications also. But, this Smart Home is awesome in home user category, which boosts the utilisation and ease-of-use aspects simultaneously.

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