At Techvedic, we design and develop cutting edge technology products and services to help our partners in the high-tech industry to drive their operational efficiency. We serve OEMs (or Original Equipment Manufacturers involved in designing and manufacturing computer platforms and services, semiconductors, consumer electronics and telecommunication equipment), software vendors and professional service providers entertaining different industries. Our objective is to let them focus on their core-business leaving behind the complexity of non-core business processes to us.

How We Do

We take cognizance of how the target audience or customers engage with the brand across different social media channels. We learn about their likes and dislikes and expectations. To make our platform more effective, we often narrow down our research by device and operating system types. This helps us in choosing the right technology platform. The developed platform is customized further based on the product and service that the brand wants to market.

List of Social Networking and Promotion Tools

• Lead management
• Contact management
• Account management
• Opportunity management
• Tasks, events, call log, and notes
• Contextual custom related lists
• Email Templates
• Email Opt-out
• Website Visitor Tracking
• Marketing Campaigns
• Auto-responders
• Mass Email
• Status updates
• Direct messages
• Attach files to feeds
• Follow-up rules
• Groups
• Integration with Twitter
• Integration with Facebook
• Social Tab
• Social Interaction with Leads/Contacts
• Products
• Price Books
• Sales Quotes
• Sales Orders
• Invoices
• Vendor Management
• Purchase Order Management
Note: The tools are often blended as per the business needs.
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