Software Installation


Software installation after thorough assessment of system compatibility and individual’s requirement not only breathes life into hardware components, but also makes computing uninterrupted and pleasurable.


Services We Offer
In Home/In Store

Hardware and software compatibility assessment

Installing, updating, upgrading, or reinstalling software
Installing, updating, reinstalling driver and firmware
Troubleshooting installation and update issues with any software
Customizing computer start menu, quick launch bar, etc.
  • Will you also provide the essential software products?
  • No, the package is only for the software installation.

  • Does the package cover printer driver as well?
  • Yes, we can install or reinstall printer driver as per demand.

  • Will your XpertCrew™ update existing software?
  • Yes, we’ll make sure it is up to date.

  • Can your XpertCrew™ backup and transfer my data including user account settings, emails, etc.?
  • Yes, an XpertCrew™ agent will help you to restore all essential data or information.
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