29 August 2013
Cyber Security
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Getting into the shoes of a professional software developer will help you realize the value of software license agreements. Apparently, if being a developer you are ignoring the significance of EULA, there are high chances that a software purchaser can redistribute your technology products and services without letting you enjoy any profits in return. However, being an end-user, skipping the matter may increase the risk of identity theft.

To be on a safer side and stay within the boundaries of minimum risk, “Techvedic” – a professional tech support company, suggests the software developers and end-users ways to make the best of the EULA statements or practices.

Software license agreement administers relationship between end user of software service/product and the software developer. When it comes to profit returns, giving authorization to end users for making right use of offered software applications seems to be of great help.

Standard End-User License Agreement Covers

There is no harm in knowing what goes in your favor, and what the subjective matters you should be wary of are! EULAs are helpful in putting forward things to check potential cyber security risks. Apparently, you as an end-user can enjoy the benefits of EULA laws, which clearly reveal the nature of software in terms of collecting personal information, and sharing thereof with intended publishers.

EULA whether incorporated with freeware or paid-versions, tells you what kind of personal information, such as name, credit card number, address, etc., could be shared with publishers while installing or activating those on any system. Beyond this, some software may keep collecting and relaying information throughout their life-cycle.

Potential Benefits of Implementing EULA

Techvedic recommends to take a serious note of the EULA policy, and other vital information including disclaimers, warranties, indemnity provisions and limitations of liability confining damage exposure caused due to rogue applications which is often detailed by genuine publishers. Moreover, you would be pleased to know that software license agreements inform end users about the ways of protecting intellectual property and copyright laws. Take a minute to run your eyes through some of the significant EULAs:

  • bullet_orangeIt enables end users to make use of right to sue for damages
  • bullet_orangeThese software licenses are helpful in binding legally
  • bullet_orangeEULAs take your consent and confirmation to agree on some particular conditions while using specific software
  • bullet_orangeEULA clauses restrict the use of software
  • bullet_orangeIt supports the end users to understand the thin-line difference between counterfeit software and genuine software app with     specified terms and conditions

In order to crave more information on EULA laws, you can approach “Techvedic” tech support platform, or simply go through “Techvedic blogs” to end your search. Don’t miss the opportunity to make the best advantage of software license agreements in the way you wish!

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