10 October 2013
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This is 2013…

Technology has spread its shackles in every industry and it has also involved humans like never before. Cybernetics, artificial intelligence and cloning have drawn a gray area between ‘machines’ and ‘humans’. Today, unconventional Sony PlayStation games have come out to be the hottest innovation for engaging people of all ages.

Contributing to the game console developments, Sony has introduced the vice business of powerful PlayStation games for offering something better than what has already been given by Sega and Nintendo. After Microsoft with XBOX games, Sony has moved two steps ahead in the world of gaming consoles by giving PlayStation4 to the gaming freaks. Here, Techvedic unveils prime technical specifications of Sony PlayStation4 to its audience that is looking up to what is new for them in this gaming console.

  • Processor (Main and Graphics)
    Processor is considered to be present at the heart of gaming console. According to the recent updates, PS4 is going to be incorporated with processor unit manufactured by AMD, and it is codenamed as Jaguar. Its CPU is featured with 8 low-power cores that work with Radeon-based GPU. Additionally, the GPU used includes 18 computing units, each of them running at 800MHz with the CPU offering computing power of 1.84 TFLOPS.

  • Random Access Memory (RAM)
    Sony has used high-end 8GB of GDDR5 RAM memory for PlayStation4 which is expensive and is used only for purposes where excellent graphics are required. There is no doubt that this great memory capacity makes it more impressive when incorporate in PS4.

  • Internal Storage
    Sony has incorporated internal memory with 2.5 inch 500 GB SATA hard drive which is a good memory increase when compared to PlayStation3 with 20 GB mechanical hard drive. PS4 hard drive is upgradeable and removable that enables users to increase the memory capacity depending upon the business requirements. 2.5’’ hard drive has capacity of 2000GB which is 4 times the size of the standard hard drive and it can also be greatly expanded. Users can even install solid state drive that turns data transfer and access speeds faster than ever.

So, what not can you find in the latest PlayStation4 that can entertain you. First look of PS4 technical specifications have really taken expectations of the game users too high. Thanks to technology for offering Sony PlayStation4 and giving tough competition to XBOX lovers. Plan NOW to buy PS4!

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