27 August 2013
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Online surfing grabs everyone’s attention. Need to search for any topic? Just browse it by entering keywords. In the advancing technology era, there are so many browsers available to surf the online world including Google, Mozilla, Bing, and many more. Here is Techvedic to let you know about the newly launched version of Mozilla.

Want to share what you are browsing? Then Mozilla is offering you something helpful. Yes, you heard right. The new and advanced version of Mozilla Firefox 23 equipped with the “one-click sharing” button helps you make the content of your choice viral.

Mozilla is one of the fastest Internet browsers available, only third after Chrome and Internet Explorer, as of now. Its recent release, Mozilla Firefox 23 is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. This is the beta version of Firefox. Well, this time it is coming with some new features including share button, content blocker and network monitor for desktop browsing.

This new “Share” button offers one-click sharing of content. Along with this the content blocker helps you to obstruct hackers from gaining access to non-secure HTTP web pages. Thus, Mozilla Firefox claims that only secured content would be transmitted to client PCs. With Share button, you can share content easily with friends and family. Thus, browse anything and share it with Facebook, Cliqz and many more. Furthermore, you would be happy to know that Mozilla Firefox 23 is available for Android users also. You can download it from Google Play Store as a free app. Its Android version comes with a new logo along with “Awesome Screen” which lets you categories your favorite websites into “easy to read” pages. This awesome bar completes the URLs as they are being typed. Also, there is a “learn mode” which collects data regarding frequently visited URLs.

The Firefox 23 version, available for Android and desktop, features performance enhancements as well as security fixes. Thus, get ready to enjoy this version of Mozilla and surf the fascinating online era quickly, smartly and safely.

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