If you cherish the Mortal Kombat fatalities, or so-called the Mortal Kombat legacy, and the action brings an adrenaline rush in you, then this could be the breaking news for you.

NetherRealm Studios is revisiting the epic success of Mortal Kombat X which bagged The Game Awards 2015 in the Best Fighting Game category. Yes, a sequel of it, dubbed as Mortal Kombat XL is in the making. It was announced yesterday. From Predator to Jason Voorheese, it is likely to include all previous mortal Kombat characters that were part of the main-game along with the post-launch content, and would debut on March 1, 2016 in North America. This high-voltage multimedia content will be made available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consumers. However, it would also entertain PC users. Sorry to iOS and Android device owners as we don’t have any confirmation for them.

Expectations are on the cloud nine but as said that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, let’s take a quick look at the popularity of Mortal Kombat X.
Review Scores

Publication Score
Destructoid 8/10
EGM 7.5/10
Game Informer 9.25/10
Game Revolution
GameSpot 8/10
GameSpot 8/10
GameTrailers 8.4/10
Giant Bomb
IGN 8.4/10
GameTrailers 8.4/10
PC Gamer (US) 69/100
Polygon 8.5/10 8/10
VentureBeat 65/100

However, we should also acknowledge the effective post-launch support offered by the publisher. It keeps on releasing Mortal Kombat games update to address technical flaws and improvise the gamer’s experience. A recent update has empowered Mortal Kombat characters including Cassie (Hollywood), Ermac (Spectral), Goro, Jason, Jax, Johnny Cage and Kitana among many others.

Whether the new version will succeed in creating the same sensation remains a puzzle that only time has the answer, but fans are quite hopeful. Warner Bros., the publisher of Mortal Kombat X claims that they have sold over 5 million copies of the game worldwide. You would be surprised to know that gaming generates over 20% of its revenue.
Hope you enjoyed the insights on the game. Do share your comments. I’m signing off the day. Hope to see you soon with more technology news and reviews, until then goodbye!

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