28 September 2015
Tech Support
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What backbone does for our body, Information Technology does for a business. Providing the much needed framework and support to business operations, components of Information Technology are playing a key role in the growth of a business by keeping people productive in a collaborative manner. Not just the business constituents (departments and staff), the outside stakeholders, i.e. customers and partners are also getting benefited with the innovative IT products and services. This boom can be witnessed across every industry or sector, and as a result we can observe a stiff rise in the IT investment, paving better opportunities for a tech support company. According to KPMG, a leading vendor of professional services related to business advisory and governance, over one-fourth of the US businesses it surveyed were planning to increase their investment in their IT infrastructures to gain an edge over their competitors, and rather than owning their internal or in-house IT management team for getting the job done, they were keen on getting that done from outside through some reliable IT outsourcing service providers.

Take a stroll to get yourself acquainted with the services that are offered by Techvedic, the IT outsourcing service provider with clients from across the globe representing different sectors.

IT Consulting and Planning

Amidst the global economy, you need to transform and simplify your business processes and systems. A reliable vendor helps with realigning the processes and technology with the business objectives, but without increasing the complexity of the people who are heading it or are involved in. From financial and supply chain management to strategy and customer experience management, at Techvedic, you can receive consultation, solutions and support for one and all.

IT Strategy and Transformation

Due to the change in the mindset of consumers or clients, it becomes essential for you to bring significant changes in the modus-operandi of your business, and with better IT strategy and planning keeping in mind the exigency of regulatory compliances, you can make that happen bypassing the inherent risks, to serve, empower, and satisfy your stakeholders with responsive products and services.

IT Performance Management

Inefficient operations and management can have a dire impact on the prospects of a business. Hence, the IT outsourcing service vendors must monitor the performance of the entire assets to ensure that operations are running at their peak and technologies are responding well to the users. This will also help in combating uncertainty and degradation in the quality of service, which is not at all acceptable in the pro-customer era.

IT Security Management

Evolution of the communication technology framework from the traditional Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) to cloud-based phone system has added impetus to operations but at the same time has courted some minor and major threats. Hence, managing network security is a must do job for every tech support company. It should modify the business ecosystem to make it immune against hackers, crime syndicates, and zero-day attacks.

Emergence of software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service solutions have brought considerable ease in terms of integration and deployment, but we should not forget that aligning technology with the business needs and objectives is a crucial task that defines the return on investment. To help you with, Techvedic provides the complete range of IT outsourcing services backed by a team of experienced staff who can provide on-demand technical support services for anything.

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