22 August 2014
Tech Support
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Windows operating system needs no introduction. Today, it covers almost 95 percent of the desktop operating system market, with Windows 7 (51.22%), Windows XP (24.82%), Windows 8.1 (6.56%), Windows 8 (5.92%), and Windows Vista (3.05%). And overwhelmed with the success, it has stepped up its measures to cover the tablet and the mobile operating system market, though there is a stiff competition there from Apple iOS and Google Android.

The 3-decade old Windows journey witnessed ups and downs and shift in paradigms, but the dominance remained out of question. Microsoft Windows benefitted home consumers, students, professionals, businesses, enterprises, governments and non-profits alike. Often success is perceived externally. But I think it would be a blinkered view. Did you ever give a thought that what makes a skyscraper to stand tall against the test of time. Yes, it’s the foundation and the infrastructure that give endurance to it. Windows Tech Support does the same job here. Microsoft technical support services is often rendered through different channels, viz. phone, email, chat, and community forum. In addition, it hosts a huge knowledgebase to help consumers fix Windows problems in a quick and easy manner.

Microsoft Network Partner also authorizes partners to help Windows users. Experts can help with all aspects and throughout the operating system life-cycle i.e. from initial Windows installation and activation to update and upgrade and eventually to repair and maintenance. However, their job is not confined with Windows, instead they help users with all software, services or hardware products that they need on their PCs or tablets to stay productive, connected and entertained.

A few independent tech support vendors are also operating to offer technical support for Windows. Consumer is king, this is not just a literal phrase, but it does hold sense here. Users can get technical support as per their convenience. They can seek remedy over the phone, at their home or office or at the repair labs (administered by support vendors). They can opt for incident-based or duration based technical support plans.

Thus, consumers, irrespective of their works or avenues, are getting benefitted with the multi-channel, easily accessible, affordable Windows tech support services.

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