17 March 2015
Tech Support
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90’s were nervous for the world, with the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin wall, many new developments happened in the field of technology as well. So, I remember my days when I used to stare at my “black and white Idiot box” type PC. Though it looked simple but it helped me solve complex issues, however, when at times it ceased to work then I always panicked. My house was far from the city and there were not many technical support providers; juxtaposing that with the present day, we have online tech support services at just click away.

Let’s see, how online tech support evolved over the years.

Tech Support from Generation X to Z | Techvedic

Tech Support from Generation X to Z – Infographics | Techvedic

So, when I remember my days and see my son doing away with his desktop and whenever there is a problem on the PC, he calls. Like me, he never takes the car out, loads the desktop and takes it to the repair shop. Fortunate lad, I must say!

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