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Success knows no limit. In a technology driven world, businesses indulge in weaving the technology fibers have to make sure that their design is compatible to the hardware and software platform, appealing to customers, and easily accessible to intended personnel, and protected against unauthorized access. Techvedic’s turnkey, custom branded technology service programs leveraging our proprietary platform, offers end-to-end setup and deployment, repair and maintenance, upgrade, optimization and patch assessment to transform ideas into success saga.


Focused Areas of Our S-a-a-S solution
  • bullet_orange Lower operational and management costs
  • bullet_orange Empower end users with self-initiated and technician-assisted service automation technologies
  • bullet_orange Deliver instant resolution at first point of contact
  • bullet_orange Virtualize and optimize IT resources
  • bullet_orange Boost positive customer experience
  • bullet_orange Accelerate time-to-effectiveness for call center employees
  • bullet_orange Enable customer-paid support programs
  • bullet_orange Drive seamless service overflow management


TechConnect: A desktop software application that puts the technology end user in control
  • bullet_orange Monitor computers
  • bullet_orange Proactively fix basic issues
  • bullet_orange Detect problems that require intervention
  • bullet_orange Send user alerts, providing recommendations to assist users with resolving problems
  • bullet_orange Connect users to a support agent to resolve more complex technical issues with or without a remote connection


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