1 October 2014
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At homes, at offices or on-the-go, wherever we are, we are surrounded with gizmos. Here nothing remains constant. Today’s winners are tomorrow’s losers, and yesterday’s hottest things have gone the Dodo way. Perhaps, this is what happened with Orkut, the first social networking site. Hence, surprising developments of technology makes it essential to keep an eye on this world. This curiosity for technology led to technology journalism.

Technology journalism is the wide term covering various subjects like technology innovations, news, laws, product reviews, buying guides, tips and advice. Focusing on tech related subjects, it includes any written, video or audio material that can interest home consumers, businesses and enterprises. These different areas are referred to different types of journalism. Along with traditional media platforms like print and TV, there are various companies that are involved in publishing online content specifically for Internet like blogs, podcasts and videos. Technology writers, journalists and bloggers are exploring this field to its depth to bring coherent and purposeful information to their readers or audience.

Joining this race, Techvedic, the leading Internet and Communication Technology-based company, has come up with Rigviews, a platform that offers news and reviews about technology related products. As technology makes its way into every walk of live, people need to stay updated about the dynamic world of it. It’s a Web portal, and if you are a tech-savvy, then it’s no less than a paradise. With Rigview, keep yourself abreast with technology development, and take the right decision.

Wondering what does it cover? Well, products that we review include:

  • Smartphones & tablets
  • Desktops & laptops
  • Computer software & mobile applications
  • MP3 players, HDTVs, digital cameras, and home audio systems
  • Printers & scanners
  • Gaming consoles, GPS and Bluetooth

Hope, every moment that you spend with us will be entertaining and worthwhile. We would like to listen from you. Don’t forget to drop your comments.


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